Cloud Greybeck

Age 15
Gender Male
Devil Fruit Tsuchi Tsuchi No Mi

(Logia Type)

Blood type A+
Birthdate March 27th
Height 5'6 Feet
Weight 117 Pounds
Island of Origin Somewhere in East Blue
Epithet Daredevil
Crew Luna Pirates
Position Shipwright/Blacksmith
Dream To obtain the Moonstone and build an island full of peaceful inhabitants.
Bounty ฿40,000,000

"Daredevil" Levi Greybeck is the shipwright and blacksmith of the Luna Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Levi has an oval, angled face with sharp features. Like his twin brother, his eyes are golden. Levi's hair is a long golden blonde and is usually fastened into a ponytail or a braid down his back.

Levi is lean and muscular. His most notable feature is his robotic, prosthetic arm.

Like his captain, Levi is fond of black clothing.


Levi has a no nonsense, short-fused personality. He is easily angered, and, like most of his crew members, gets into the kill-anything-that-moves mood.

Weapons/Devil Fruit/Fighting StyleEdit

Devil Fruit Edit

As the eater of the Tsuchi Tsuchi No Mi, Levi has the ability to control, manipulate, create, and transform into earth (soil, mud, rocks, stones, etc.).


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