The following is a list of characters featured in the One Piece fanfiction Pirates! by SeeNoEvil121.

Pirates Edit

Crescent Dagger Pirates Edit

Main Article: Crescent Dagger Pirates

Blue Lightning Pirates Edit

Main Arcitle: Blue Lightning Pirates

Gold Lion Pirates Edit

Main Article: Gold Lion Pirates

Straw Hat Pirates Edit

  • 'Humming' Brook
    • The Musician of the Strawhat Pirates. Currently living with Laboon at the enterance to the Red Line.
  • Strawhat Monkey D. Luffy: (Mentioned) 37 Years, 32 at Execution.
  • 'Pirate Hunter' Roronoa Zoro: (Mentioned) 39 Years
  • 'Cat Burglar' Nami: (Mentioned) 38 Years
  • 'King of Snipers' Sogeking: (Mentioned) 37 Years
  • 'Black Leg' Sanji: (Mentioned) 39 Years
  • 'Cotton Candy Lover' Tony Tony Chopper 35 Years
    • Doctor of the Strawh Hat Pirates. Currently travelling the world as a travelling doctor and looking into the Chimera Project.
  • 'Demon Child' Nico Robin: (Mentioned) 48 Years
  • 'Cyborg' Franky: (Mentioned) 54 Years

Marines Edit

  • Captain Westfall: 37 Years
  • Ensign Quint: 24 Years
    • Ensign under Captain Westfall at the 24th Division.
  • Ensign Wes: 19 Years
    • Marine working at the Nile Island Research facility where Chimera are researched. He himself is a Chimera with enhanced strength and speed.
  • Commander Gremhart Jace: 33 Years
    • A commander previously stationed at the 24th Division temporarily, but then transferred to another base. As of now, the location of his new assignment is unknown.
  • Commodore Saber Thorpe: 40 Years (Shinobi-dono)
  • Vice-Admiral Fonedrid Markus: 34 Years (Blu-Calling)
  • Ensign Reese Mitcol: 19 Years (Blu-Calling)
  • Vice Admiral Smoker: 54 Years
  • Commodore Tashigi: 41 Years
  • Admiral Monkey D. Garp:

World Government Allies Edit

Bounty Hunters Edit

  • Hikari and Hikaru: 19 Years
  • Morte del Astuto (Manigordo): 21 Years (YolkaEd)
  • Lulu Cane Nezo and Teddy: 15 Years (Kisdota-The Freak Gamer)

The Tribe Edit

Main Article: The Tribe

  • Sophie: 10 Years
  • Alexa: 22 Years
  • Gabriela: 19 Years

Other Characters Edit

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