Normal blackknight1 996
Age 48
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type AB+
Birthdate Unknown
Height 10'7
Weight 240lbs
Island of Origin Unknown
Affiliation World Government
Division Naval Base 35
Occupation Marine
Rank Admiral

Unknown Wife (deceased)

Lauran Black


Dante Black(Son)

Logeth Black is a marine admiral who got his position without the help of a devil fruit. He goes by the epithet True power for this reason


Logeth is a tall man with an intimidating appearance of black knight armor with a red cape. He has dark blue hair and Green eyes and a nice tan to his skin. He has a deep voice and isn't afraid of rasing it.


He is a stern man who doesn't like people who slack of and sleep instead of doing their work. He has a soft spot for Kaiser D. Lil and treats her with love and compassion that he shows to his daughter.


Admiral KaiserEdit

These two men are at each other throats most of the time because of their differing personalities. When they decide to work together they make a formidal duo. They argue and bicker a lot when off duty and get in friendly scuffles. He is one of the few people to see his face

Rear-Admrial KaiserEdit

He has a soft spot for her because she reminds him of his own daughter. When ever he come by to see her he brings her snacks to eat while he talks to her father.

Captain ArticEdit

Logeth and Riptide share a mutual respect and hatred for eachother. They respect that they both are strong marines without the use of devil fruits but hate that they both have the feelings to protect Vice Admiral Kaiser Him with a fatherly love and Riptide with the orders to.


He is a marine admiral who gained the position without the use of a devil fruit so he has a very powerful body. One of the abilites he has is his inhumane strength and durablility. His Strength is enough to stop the swinging of a club by a giant with one hand and break it with his other. His sword also weighs about 5 tons. He is durable enough to get crushed under the weight of a dog pile of giants and get back up relativaly unharmed.


He is able to use Kenbounshoku haki and Busoshoku Haki


When he was a captain in the marines he had a wife and a daughter but his wife was killed by pirates who were invading the island they lived on. He found out that the pirate captain was soon introduced into the Shichibuki which he was angengered him. After 20 years he was promoted to admiral because of his strength and courage. He was a vice admiral at the time of the battle of marineford and was on a secret mission that only he the fleet admiral and Cross knows about.

Trivia Edit

Logeth without his helmet Edit

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