Lucifer The Demon Edit

Lucifer The Demon is the captain of the Death Pirates.

Lucifer The Demon

Age 23
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type A++
Birthdate 21 December


Weight 97 Kgs
Island of Origin Hells Island
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Lucifer D.Emon
Crew Death Pirates
Position Fleet Captain


Bounty 666.000.000 Beli
Dream To find One Piece, to explore the world and live as he see's fit

He ate the Baiomasu Baiomasu no Mi which allows him to control and manipulate biomass.


Lucifer has black tangled hair and red eyes. He has a scar streching across his left eye.

He is rarely seen without his black captains coat and his hood on, his cursed runeblade Frostmourne or legendary trippelbarreled Piercer. He has a circled rune on the backside of his right wrist. His coat is black and has the Death Pirates jolly rodger on the back. He has silver, steel boots and silver, steel gauntlets. 


Lucifer is a calm serious person who's rarely seen without his insane, murederistic grin (expocing his two vampire-like teeth). His face is rarely visible because of the shadow from the hood (which looks somewhat unnatural) but when visible his eyes are almost glowing red and shines with intent to kill and insanity. Everyone close to Lucifer knows that his eyes and his smile looks like his ready to slaughter everyone, striking fear into enemies just by gazing at them, but that's only how they appear. Lucifer has a kind and caring personality outside of battle and talks and jokes to his crew. But when in battle he's been described as a violent, insane, viscious demon who kills without mercy. When in intense battles Lucifer's eyes seem to glow even brighter.



Lucifer cares deeply for the members of his crew (Death Pirates), going so far as to beat and/or kill anyone who harms or kills a member of his crew. He also likes to know personally almost everyone of the crew because they are the closest he got to a family.



Lucifer is a prominent swordsman and can duel with men skilled as Zoro or Milhawk to a draw both with his sword and with his devil fruit powers, but he's not good enough to beat either one.

Devil fruit powersEdit

Because he ate the Baiomasu Baiomasu no Mi Lucifer can control and manipulate biomass at will. He has great mastery of his powers and knows and uses his abilities to the best extent.


Lucifer's sword is the legendary cursed sword of runecontroll, named Frostmourne. Frostmourne's power lies in the runes covering the blade. When Lucifer activates Frostmournes power the runes glow with a red glow. A thin red glowy haze wraps around the blade and explodes as it disapears in a omnidirectional fashion. As the haze spreads out in every direction, other runeblades respond to the "calling" of the "motherblade". The other runeblades runes start glowing with a red glow, as well does the circled runes on every pirate in the Death Pirates. When Frostmourne's activated everyone/everything with the magical rune symbol becomes twice as strong. Frostmourne is also able to cut very hard objects and cut the air to send blades of air towards the target.

Legendary trippelbarred PiercerEdit

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