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Luna Pirates
Jolly roger
Main Ship Valkyrie
Jolly Roger A skull with diagonal crossbones and a crescent moon on the forehead.
Base Solarigill Island
Captain Nyx Penderghast
Crew Population Two

The Luna Pirates thrive on drama, money, and adventure and will go to great lengths to create drama, even, or perhaps especially, if it means endangering themselves or their crew. In most cases, they will manipulate people into thinking or acting a certain way. They do not follow any moral code, but their abstract own (no matter how twisted some may think they are). All Luna Pirates are foul mouthed, psychotically humorous, sly, ill tempered, blunt, battle-hungry and skilled in the art of pit pocketing. They are inconsiderate bastards who will not hesitate to mentally and physically abuse you. They have a love for money and a habit of screwing up every possible plan no matter how skilled the strategist is or how smart they are. Although they try to kill each other half the time, they are a family, a criminally insane, dysfunctional one, to be exact.





Nyx Penderghast

  • Captain/Priestess


  • First Mate/Swordsman

Cloud Greybeck

  • Navigator/Archeologist/Psychologist
Levi Greybeck
  • Shipwright//Blacksmith

Rina Danaryen

  • Tactician/Strategist

Lea Mason

  • Extortionist/Spy/Scholar

Klaus Gunstone

  • Cook/Bartender


Kida Sturluson

  • Sniper/Guns-woman/Weapons-master

Aeris Rockbell

  • Doctor
Strife Lockheart
  • Technician/Entertainer

Crew's BountyEdit

The Luna Pirates operate underground. They smuggle, deliver, assassinate, and do the occasional kidnapping for their clients. Because, they wish to remain an underground group, they do not have a bounty, and rarely anybody has ever heard of them.


They all just want to be rich, go on adventures, and have freedom on the sea.


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