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The Ghost child


Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type AB
Birthdate 13th August
Island of Origin

Somewhere in East blue



Crew Sea Wolf Pirates
Position Spy

Mother - Perona

Father - Dracule Mihawk


1st = 13,000,000 berry


Devil Fruit


Bat Bat no Mi

Maddi is a Spy and she also has the capabilities of an Assasin, she also tries to get trained by Wolf W. Arthur because she sometimes admire him and tries to suck his dick, even tough he doesnt want her to. She's the youngest member of the Sea Wolf Pirates. She's Perona's and Dracule Mihawk's daughter. She likes the colour of blood but she also likes pink and blue. When she was younger she used to live with her mother, Gekko Moriah in secret tried to take her away becuase he wantd her to join him after he found out of her Devil Fruit powers, but Dracule Mihawk didn't allow it for long when discovered he was trying to do. 


Maddi is confident and firm with herself but she's also sneeky, impatient, disobedient and disordinate, she dislikes people telling her what to do, but dispite so, she becomes calm and relaxed when she's next to Wolf W. Arthur. Apparently in opposite of her mother she likes ugly creatures so is not afraid of cockroaches, very little seems to surprise her. Since she was younger she likes to make pranks to others and other times steal money. She is also a compulsive liar. She will sometimes express enthusiasm for anything with a horror is disguisting theme. She sometimes picks her nose in public. She is able to see the mana of anyone so she reacts different to everyone. 


She has black hair with a little bit of pink white and blue, and pink eyes. She has a punk/rock style of clothing which includes ripped thigh highs and piercings. She likes to tie her hair into the shape of two horns on the top of her head. She likes to wear short skirts.

Devil Fruit:Edit

Bat-Bat no MiParamecia-classed Devil Fruit, it is similar to that of her mother Perona and Gekko Moriah, because she is able to produce black ghost like bats that are able to merge in in-animate objects to give them life and making them other her control. She can also use her ghost-bats to make her fly by merging them with her cloths. She also uses her ghost-bats to spy.

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