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English Name: Mai Mirror Affiliations: Thriller Bark (former), Mysterious 'Five' (former) Occupations: Picture Frame Zombie Commander (former), Adviser (former), Bookkeeper (former) Epithet: "Mirror Lady" Status: Alive Birthday: October 31st Japanese VA: Sawashiro Miyuki Devilfruit: Kaga Kaga no Mi English: Mirror-Mirror Fruit Meaning: Mirror Type: Paramecia

Appearance Edit

Mai is a very tall and lean, fragile-looking woman with a relatively small breast size. Her body shape is slender. She has present cheekbones, unusually droopy hooded eyes, a straight nose, and full lips. Her eyebrows are plucked thin. Additionally, she is wearing lots of makeup and black nail polish on her fingernails.

The woman's hair is white and braid on the back of her head. Her actual hair color is dark brown, her eye color is blue. Wearing her "mirror skin" makes her more confident with the way she looks, she feels untouchable.

She has a very mature, stylish look and likes to doll herself up, even for a tea party with Perona. Mai loves to dress like a lady (and to be a lady!) and seems very narcissistic at times. During the Strawhats appearance on Thriller Bark, she wears a black, tight halter-neck dress, black stilettos, a corset with button details, a pearl necklace, pearl earrings, and a watch. In the cold room, she is wearing a long brown coat as well. Most of the time she has a tiny smile on her face, which let her appear very self-assured.

Personality Edit

Mai is an intelligent, young lady, who appears very confident to others (even though this is not the case). She is polite and thinks that a good behavior is extremely important. Besides, she is patient and tolerant, knowing that not everyone could have had a greatly parenting and that not everybody would share her values. However, Mai is dependent on others and actually couldn't live a life by her own. She sometimes seems arrogant and narcissistic. In her opinion, a man should take care of a woman, affording everything to her (house, food, clothes, etc.), and should be strong enough to protect his woman from all the bad in the world. Furthermore, Mai is very open-minded for sexual relationships with man, nevertheless, she is pretty choosy. Anyway, she couldn't confide to a man except for sexual actions. She is still emotionally hurt by her stepfather, who has always been like a real father to her (of course, she didn't know it better). He ignored and neglect her, couldn't give her the love she needed anymore. Mai starts to find love in her own way as an adult: having physical relationships to man, just to experience love. It is hard for her to confide to anybody in general, therefore, she wouldn't say a bit about herself and her past. She couldn't even handle if somebody calls her by her real name. That's why she uses to call herself Mai. She puts on a smile, hiding her feelings and thoughts to others. She can be very direct when she is furious (which is pretty hard to get her to) or annoyed.

Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Mai' is the name of the protagonist of Mai's favorite novel.
  • Mai has a with roses decorated garden pavilion in Perona's garden, where they are having their tea parties.
  • She once enjoyed a cup of tea with Brook.
  • Once, Absalom tried to marry her, too.
  • She sleeps on 20 mattresses, like in The Princess and the Pea.
  • When she was younger she learned to play the piano.
  • She can't cook anything but marmalade.
  • She refused to get her own zombie slave.
  • She nearly overslept the straw hats appearance on Thriller Bark. Perona's ghost woke her up.
  • If Mai came from our would, she would be from the UK.
  • If she were an animal, she would be a swan.

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