Name: Mai MirrorAffiliations: Thriller Bark (former), Mysterious 'Five' (former) Occupations: Comander, Tailorness Status: Alive Age: 27/29 Birthday: October 31st Japanese VA: Sawashiro Miyuki Devilfruit: Mira Mira No Mi Meaning: Mirror Type: Paramecia

One Piece OC Mai Mirror

Appearance Edit

Mai is a very tall and lean, fragile-looking woman with a relatively small breast size. Her body shape is slender. She has present cheekbones, unusually droopy hooded eyes, a straight nose, and full lips.

The woman's hair is white and braid on the back of her head. Her actual hair color is dark brown, her eye color is blue. Wearing her 'mirror skin' makes her more confident with the way she looks, she feels untouchable.

She has a very mature, stylish look and likes to doll herself up, even for a tea party with Perona. Mai loves to dress like a lady (and to be a lady!) and seems very narcissistic at times.

Most of the time she has a tiny smile on her face, which let her appear very self-assured.

Personality Edit

Laugh: Uhuhuhu!

Positive Traits: Polite, Genteel, Patient, Tolerant, Understanding, Diligent

Negative Traits: sometimes Arrogant, Manipulative, sometimes too Honest, sometimes too Calm

Likes: Tea, Red Wine, Roses, Books, Clothing and Fabrics, Decent & Attentive People, Rainy Days

Dislikes: Coffee, Sweet Food, Juicy Fruits except Mangos, Dirt, Meat, Bugs, Stench, any Alcohol except Red Wine, Loud and Rude People

Hobbies: Tea Parties, to Draw (mostly Outfit Ideas, sometimes Dead People), to Sew and to Tailor, Cheesy Romantic Novels

Habits: Nibbling on Fingertips, Smiling, Humming while she sews, Singin in the Shower, always controls if her Cutlery is clean

Dream: Gecko Moria becomes the King of Pirates, Having an own Fashion Line

Fear: Losing her Nakama, Death of Moria, Death of Perona, Thunderstorms, Unknown (e.g. her devil fruit)

Physical Disease: -

Mental Disease: -

Others: Keraunophobia

Sexuality: Hetero

Love Interest: - Even though she isn't interested in anyone so far, she does like having fun! The one or other arrival might be seduced by her before his shadow will be stolen. She also was a little bit into Edward, although he stunk abnormally.

Trivia Edit

  • She gave herself the name "Mai Mirror" because she liked the idea of a second personality.
  • Mai has a with roses decorated garden pavilion in Perona's garden.
  • And her parfume has a Rose flavour.
  • She once enjoyed a cup of tea with Brook.
  • Once, Absalom tried to marry her, too.
  • She sleeps on 20 mattresses, like in The Princess and the Pea.
  • She refused to get her own zombie, like Perona and Co.
  • She nearly overslept the straw hats appearance on Thriller Bark. Perona's ghost woke her up.
  • If Mai came from our world, she would be from France.
  • If she were an animal, she would be an owl.