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Cutting things down to size is what I do best. I am a swordsman, after all.

Marii, most likely known as the Shinigami or the Grim Reaper, is the swordsman of MiRin Pirates.


Age 20
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type ???
Birthdate ???
Height 163 cm (5'4")
Weight ???
Birthplace South Blue
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Grim Reaper
Crew MiRin Pirates
Position Swordsman
Family ???
Bounty Bsymbol 89,000,000
Dream To become the strongest swordsman in the world

Marii was the strongest swordsman in the South Blue. Marii and Tsuki were friends a few years back but she left the East Blue territory to go back to Karate Island, the place where she was born, and vowed herself to become stronger.

She started to train in Kendo at the age of 8 and showed promising talent which made her a child prodigy. Her many years of training led her to become physically strong, fast and agile. As a child, Marii's skills are so advanced that she could fight with four swords at the same time and she soon began to master the Infinite Sword Style.

Appearance Edit

Marii is a samurai woman with a well-built body. She has shoulder-length raven black hair with a side bun and front bangs, piercing narrow blood red eyes, and black tattoos on her arms. On her head she wears either a tiara or a maid's bonnet.

She wears a revealing red kimono. It consists of a short sleeveless tunic with a revealing cleavage and revealing opening on the sides, exposing much of Marii’s chest, held closed by a large, pink obi, which has a thin red rope tied around it and sports a wide closing ribbon on the back. There are long cloths hanging down from her tunic, covering her front and back but exposing her legs. Marii covers her arms with bandages and wears flared red arm warmers with yellow flame designs. She also wears white socks and a pair of geta.

Marii always carries her treasured four swords along with her: a katana, odachi, wakizashi, and daito katana. She keeps her katana and daito katana bundled up at her right side, she secures her wakizashi on the red rope around her obi, and she carries her odachi on her back. She also carries around her case of Infinite Swords, which are all katana.

Personality Edit

Marii is the most athletic and strongest non Devil Fruit user in the crew. She has a split personality which switches at random moments. This disorder confuses the people around her but her crew mates has gotten used to this behavior. She bought a cursed crown from a travelling merchant, which magically transforms into a gold tiara or a maid bonnet whenever her personality switches. Whether she switches personality or not does not affect her strength in power.

Servant persona: When Marii has this personality, her crown magically changes into a maid's bonnet. In this character she is a soft-spoken girl who is almost always flustered when an order is given and will fulfill her given task whether she likes it or not. She also seems to be a bit of an airhead and goes apologetic when she does not understand something.

Princess persona: When Marii has this personality, her crown magically changes into a golden tiara. In this character she is a himedere and wants any ally to treat her like royalty. Usually, Marii's himedere personality would often order the crew around, even the captain. She is vain and bossy.

Relationships Edit

Crew Edit

Kirisaka Tsukiko Edit

Tsuki and Marii are childhood friends. Marii left the East Blue to train and become stronger, and hasn't been seen since. The two reunited during a war between a group of pirates and the marines, teaming up so that they could defeat both sides and save the town that was caught between the two groups in battle. Marii asked to join Tsuki's crew and was happily accepted by everyone.

Inugami Mido Edit

Mido is generally friendly towards Marii but is afraid of her fighting abilities. The two often hang out and talk with Tsuki like long time friends. Aside from Tsuki and Jheng, Mido is closer to Marii than anyone else in the crew. She usually laughs at him whenever Tsuki, Mizuki or Yume beat him up.

Kamiya Yume Edit

Marii is close with the captain, therefore Yume seems to respect her. Although Marii is aloof towards Yume, she seems to share an interest in her abilities.

Mizuki Edit

Mizuki enjoys Marii as a part of the crew but they don't hang out very often. Marii is always aloof which makes it hard for Mizuki to approach her. Despite the fact that Marii wants to become friends with Mizuki, she is shy to approach her because Mizu is a ghost.

Kahlil Edit

Kahlil and Marii seem to have a friendly relationship as they like to relax on the ship, talking about almost anything.

Jheng Edit

Marii and Jheng are like two peas in a pod. They have a good relationship and hang out often with each other. Jheng is almost always teamed up with Marii during explorations and battles.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

In contrast to her slim figure, Marii has monstrous physical strength that she usually demonstrates by lifting or dragging objects that are many times bigger than her own size. She also has immense durability and endurance, being able to withstand being hit by powerful attacks with only minor injuries. Marii possesses extremely sharp reflexes, as well as a high degree of agility and speed.

Swordsmanship Edit

Marii is a skilled swordsman and a child prodigy since her training at the age of 8 years old. She can wield two swords on each hand and has mastered the Infinite Sword Style at a very young age. Marii often fights with her odachi, a kokuto, when she is in a hurry in battles concerning a large group of opponents in a spacious area. She fights using her katana, a Saijo O Wazamono meito, and her daito katana, an O Wazamono yoto, for her usual battles. The Wakizashi she keeps on her obi is used as a backup sword or for fighting weak opponents such as bandits.

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