Marion Thomas

Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type A-
Birthdate 5/25
Height 6'9
Weight 165
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Crew Vain Pirates
Position Shipwright
Family Unknown Father (Deceased)

Unknown Mother (Deceased)

Vivian Thomas (Sister)

William Reiner (Brother-in-law)

Father McNally (Adoptive Father)

Bounty 50,000,000
Dream To make a fleet of ships for people to use

Marion is the shipwright for the Vain Pirates and the creator of their Ship Redemption.

Appearance Edit

Marion has white hair and gray eyes. She wears armored brown gloves a white shirt, blue shorts, and a red bandana around her neck with brown armored boots. She also wears a tool belt.

Personality Edit

Marion is the opposite of her sister. She is serious all the time and very stern when people start to goof off in her workshop. She has a soft spot for her sister and will listen to her.

Relationships Edit

Vivian Thomas Edit

The two are twin sisters and love each other very much. She has the opposite personality of Vivian but the get along even more because of this. Marion listens to what is bothering Vivian.

William Reiner Edit

Marion and William get along. They grew up together. Marion doesn't like it when William starts to talk to her when her sister isn't around.

Dante Black Edit

Marion dislikes Dante for being a playboy. He dislikes her for her being stronger than he is.They grew up together.

Ruger Rona Edit

Ruger is the only person Marion cares for other than her sister in the crew and likes having him around. It is known around the ship that they are in a relationship but they think it's a secret.

Abilities Edit

Marion is a competent Shipwright and decent fighter. Her fighting style revolves around the use of a giant hammer.

Weapons Edit

Marion uses a giant hammer for combat and smaller utensils when her hammer isn't around. She wears a belt of tools at all times.

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