Maro Maro no Mi

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Translation Marshmallow Marshmallow Fruit
Meaning Maro is short for Mashumaro, meaning marshmallow
English Name Marshmallow Marshmallow fruit
Type Paramecia
Power Grants the user the ability to secrete marshmallow from their body, where it be the plant's sap, or the candy.
Eaten By NA
Creator Meatfreak

The Maro Maro no Mi is a Paramecia Devil Fruit that allows the user to secrete marshmallow candy as well as the sap used to make it. This can be used for many purposes including healing, restricting movement, ect.


The fruit looks like a marshmallow the size of an pineapple with the iconic green stem.


The user the the fruit can make as many marshmallows as the they want. Marshmallows in the old days were made with sap from the marshmallow plant, which gave it well known healing properties. Being a Devil fruit, the healing properties of these marchmallows are greatly enhanced compared to the real thing, and its much stickier too. The sap can be hardened at will. It can also be used to create structures such as boats to go over water or shields to defend againsts attacks. 


Weaknesses of this fruit are that the opponent can consume the sap to heal themselfs. The user can counter this if they are aware by hardening it as they do causing them to choke and preventing any healing.

Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply. 


The fruit can be used for healing since the sap when consumed contains healing properties.

  • Soothing Sap: User secretes sap from their fingers and applies to a wound, quickly healing it in just a few minutes.
  • Maro Bind: User blasts a stream of sap towards the foe that completely hardens once it makes contact. It loses its stickyness and becomes as hard at rock, binding them.
  • Maro Whip: User creates a whip from sap thats semi-hardens in the air. It loses its stickyness and becomes solid and rubbery to whip foes. 
  • Maro Scythe: User creates a scythe made of sap that completely hardens in their hand. They can use it to swing at foes.
  • Maro Boomerang: User creates a boomerang made of sap that hardens in their hand. They can throw it towards foes.
  • Maro Bomb: User creates a marshmallow the size of a bowling ball and flings it towards the enemy. The marshmallow is soft, light, and sticky and easily glides through the air to stick onto them. It explodes at will, blasting sharp shards of hardened sap in all directions and piercing anyone near.
  • Maro Cloud: User creates a winged marchmallow cloud thats light enough to fly on the air and can be controlled with the marshmallow wings on it's sides.

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