Matzumoto Yoshino

Age 22
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type A+
Birthdate 26th May
Island of Origin Orange Town (East Blue)
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Sly Yoshino
Crew Black Scar Pirates
Position Navigator
Family Mochizuki Ryoji (she is the adopted sister)

1st = 60,000,000 beli

2nd = 120,000,000 beli

3rd = 180,000,000 beli

Dream To explore the world in her own unique way

Matzumoto Yoshino mostly known as Sly Yoshino by the World Government. He is called Yoshino by her crewmates and is the navigator of the Black Scar Pirates


Yoshino is young, normal sized and skinny girl with brown hair and eyes. Many people including her friends and enemy consider her to be very attractive or even beautiful.

Yoshino wears a plain white singlet as her inner shirt and wears a long brown sleeveless coat to cover it up. She also sometimes wears a white sailor hat and brings a bag of some sort with her own jolly roger on it to carry navigating tools and also a baby den den mushi. Yoshino is alway seen with a big black scythe which she uses as her primary weapon.


She is the smartest of all the Black Scar Pirates. Thinking of many solutions to many question and can navigate through most seas and islands. She is also very skilled in reading maps and can decipher many things.

In battle she would use her black scythe and a machete both at the same time. She can lift her scythe with one hand sometimes eventhough she doesnt look very muscular. She would toy with her opponents and would have fun fighting them.

She would have a change of personality if it has something to do with Jaerik because she has a crush on him.

She loves eating fruits and vegetables but does not really fond meat because she is worried she will end up getting fat.



Yoshino cares deeply for all her crewmates. This is her family and she would do whatever it takes to make sure her family stays together.


Since she is an adopted-sister of Ryoji, she cares for him the most and would listen to him whenever he ask her to do something. She doesn't want to be in a relatinship with him but better to be a younger sister to him.

Abilities and StylesEdit

Yoshino created her own style called Kama to chesutairu which is the combination after two weapons, her scythe and her machete. She also use her beauty to her advantage.

Kama to chesutairuEdit

She first thought of using a bended sword but she said it would look ugly on her since she does care about her looks. After many tries on other weapons, she finally decided with a scythe and a machete. Her scythe is very durable, strong and very light because of Ryoji. The machete was a second weapon where she picked so she can cover for where her scythe cant.


She would often toy with her opponents, mostly using her beauty. She would seduce her enemies than attack them while the are what some say hypnotized. She was even known of seducing marines hence came the ephitet 'Sly Yoshino'.

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