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MiRin Pirates
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Main Ship Lochness Voyager

(Nickname: Nessie)

Jolly Roger Skull wearing a red pirate hat with a black lightning bolt on its left eye & 2 mirin bottles in a cross position
Affiliation MiRin Pirates
Captain Kirisaka Tsukiko
Type small Galleon
Crew Population 11 (including pets)
Total Bounty Bsymbol 1,092,000,000

The MiRin Pirates are a pirate crew with members from different locations. They are a recently formed rookie pirate crew that have grew in fame due to their countless adventures to mysterious, deadly, and unexplored islands around the world. They were once chased by the marines off coast an unnamed island and defeated them in battle. This incident acquired them each a small bounty on their heads which quickly grew as time passes on.

Tsukiko, being one who cannot turn away from adventure, brings her crew to perilous adventures in unknown areas of the world. Rumors have spread about MiRin Pirates' treacherous travels and people began to think of them as mighty pirates. However, although it is true that they are a powerful group, they only journey to those islands because they get lost.

The Marines have labeled them as extremely dangerous, which they are, and are ordered by the World Government to eliminate them upon sight. Furthermore, because of MiRin Pirates' alliance with the Straw Hats, they are now considered as one of the most dangerous and wanted pirate crews in the world, much to the crew's annoyance.

Jolly Roger Edit

The MiRin's Jolly Roger consists of a smiling white skull wearing a red pirate hat and has a black lightning bolt across its left eye. Instead of the traditional crossbones, two mirin bottles are forming a cross behind the skull.

Main Ship Edit

The MiRin Pirate's ship is a small galleon pirate ship that was designed and built by Anri and his former crew mates, with a few changes to its appearance. The size of the ship is the same size of the Bezan Black. Anri was forced to build this originally for his former captain but, after Tsukiko's crew defeated him, he offered the ship to them as a token of his gratitude.

The Lochness Voyager received its name after its plesiosaur-like appearance, often nicknamed "Nessie" by the crew. The ship's figurehead is a bluish green plesiosaur with horns and has four flippers attached to the bottom of the ship on either side. The ship's armaments consists of 22 cannons, one in the bow pointing forward, one in the stern, and the rest pointing to either side. The Lochness Voyager also has a tail on the upper part of the stern, a design added at the request of Tsukiko.

Nessie has added features prior to its original blueprints that were requested by the crew. The added features of the ship includes the Little Garden a small garden which is located on top of the main observatory, a feature requested by Yume, and the mini observatory which is the crow's nest. The entire ship contains the men's quaters, the women's quarters, the captain's cabin, the sick bay, the kitchen, the little garden, the pet's room, the bathhouse, the library, main observatory with a series of connecting bridges to the crow's nest, the gold room, and the ocean's view. The ship is rather large and, so, each room is very spacious. The interior of the ship also has hallways that separates some of the rooms, while the other doors in the hallways contains small rooms where the cannons are being kept.

The ship's appearance is similar to the mythical lochness monster with the ship being bluish green in color and has giraffe-like horns. The crew love this ship greatly and take good care of it, resulting to beating up anyone who tries to break, sink, or steal it. It is guarded by Mizuki when the crew is not present and she patrols the ship at night since she doesn't sleep.

Parts of the Ship Edit

F3 Edit

The upper deck and third floor parts consist of the soldier's dock, the foremast, the main mast, the mizzenmast, the captain's quarters, the lawn deck, little garden, and the main observatory. The soldier's dock is located at the front of the deck and contains the helm of the ship and a hatch going down to the women's quarters. The observatory is at the back of the ship along with little garden. Tsukiko is usually the one visiting the observatory at night and is the only one in the crew residing in the upper deck. Since the bathroom is located on the first floor, she has to go through the hatch on the soldier's dock and pass through the women's quarters. The lawn deck is covered in grass and has a hammock tied to the foremast and the main mast. The main observatory is square shaped and has a glass dome on top where a tree is sticking out, the dome is where the little garden is located and is full of bushes and rare flowers.

F2 Edit

The second floor rooms only consist of the library, which is located under the main observatory. The only entrance to this place is through a hatch in the main observatory. The library is a circular room with wall-attached book shelves surrounding the entire room. It has a large round desk placed in the center full of maps that the crew collected in their journey.

F1 Edit

The first floor rooms consist of the men's quarters, the bathhouse, the women's quarters, and the pet's room. The women's room is located below the helm and houses the bow's cannon. It is easier for Yume to come out and steer the ship since the helm is located right on top of the quarters. The bathhouse is located below the lawn deck and is divided into two by a wall. The women's side of the bathhouse is beside the women's quarters across the hall; the men's side of the bathhouse is located next to the women's bathhouse and is across from hall of the men's quarters. The pet's room is located at the back of the ship next to the men's quarters and houses the stern's cannon. This room has three passages: the top (library passage), the main (door connecting to the men's room), and the bottom (hatch leading down to the gold room).

B1 Edit

Below deck consists of the kitchen, the sick bay, the gold room, and the ocean's view. Besides the standard oven, fridge, cupboards, and stoves, the kitchen also contains a dining area, vents to the chimney, and a bar counter. It is accessed by a hatch located at the end of the hall in the women's side of the F1 deck. It also has a door connecting to the sick bay, which is the only entrance of the medical room. The gold room is located at the back most part of the deck, which can only be accessed through the pet's room, and is always locked. The ocean's view is located at the front part of the deck. It is a viewing area similar to an aquarium and can be accessed through a door in the kitchen. The glass is extremely difficult to break and is usually covered by a steel shield, powered by a lever next to the door, when not in use. The ocean's view surrounds the whole room and has glass from the ceiling down to the floor, this is where the members want to take a look at the kinds of creatures living in the ocean without having to dive underwater.

Crew Members Edit

As a result of Tsukiko's choices of who joins in her crew, the MiRin pirates are one of the most bizarre, menacing, and random pirate crews in the One Piece World.

Despite the captain being a girl who craves for adventure, the crew members follow her orders even though they know of the dangers lurking around. All the members of the crew have a shared love for food, adventure, and music.

Origins of the crew members are varied with their captain from the East Blue, their cook from the West Blue, their navigator from the North Blue, their swordsman and cannoneer from the South Blue, and both their musician and doctor are from Paradise in the Grand Line. Some crew members also keep animals as loyal pets.

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet Pet

Kirisaka Tsukiko

  • Captain

"Lightning Death"

  • Velociraptor

Inugami Mido

  • Cook


Kamiya Yume

  • Navigator

"Phantom Cat"


  • Swordsman
  • Ittoryu
  • Nitoryu
  • Santoryu
  • Infinite Swords Style


  • Shipwright
  • Marksmanship
  • Enhanced Physical Strength
  • Immortality

"Skypiean Zombie"


  • Musician



  • Doctor

"Rum King"

  • King Cobra


  • Gunner

"Sharpshooter Hawk"

  • Chameleon Frog

Bounties Edit

Kirisaka Tsukiko

  • First: Bsymbol 90,000,000
  • Second: Bsymbol 130,000,000
  • Third: Bsymbol 350,000,000

Kamiya Yume

  • First: Bsymbol 70,000,000
  • Second: Bsymbol 95,000,000
  • Third: Bsymbol 140,000,000

Inugami Mido

  • First: Bsymbol 67,000,000
  • Second: Bsymbol 80,000,000
  • Third: Bsymbol 130,000,000


  • First: Bsymbol 50,000,000
  • Second: Bsymbol 89,000,000


  • First: Bsymbol 95,000,000


  • First: Bsymbol 50,000,000
  • Second: Bsymbol 86,000,000


  • First: Bsymbol 92,000,000


  • First: Bsymbol 97,000,000
  • Second: Bsymbol 110,000,000

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