Mist-man Gabriell Edit

Mist-man Gabriell is the fleet vice-captain of the Death Pirates.

Mist-man Gabriell

Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate 16 June


Weight 79 Kgs
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Gabriell Kirrih
Crew Death Pirates
Position Fleet Vice-Captain


Bounty 350.000.000 Beli
Dream To make Lucifer the Pirate King, to explore the world and live as he see's fit

He ate the Emmu Emmu no Mi which allows him to become, control and manipulate smog.


Gabriell has blue spiky hair and white eyes. He wears brown pants tucked into a pair of black leather boots. He has a black sweater under his brown coat, and uses the sweater's hood as the Death Pirates signature mark. He has a simple flintlock pistol tucked into the yellow sash tied around his waist. The Death Pirates jolly roger is located on both shoulders of the coat and on the back.


Gabriell is a calm, respected person. He's almost always seen smiling or laughing, and is everyones friend. He takes life with ease and almost never rushes things. But in combat he becomes a ravaging, coldhearted killer who kills anyone hurting or killing his friends. He is also very, very loyal to the Death Pirates and espescially Lucifer The Demon and is willing to sacrifice himself for the crew and the captain.



Gabriell cherishes the crew and his captain very much, willing to kill or be killed for them. He cares espescially for Mirrage-lady Jane and is often seen flirting with her.

Lucifer The Demon Edit

Gabriell idolizes Lucifer since he saved him from a marine execution. Gabriell also lost his entire crew and his friends when the marine attacked and captured him, so when Lucifer offered him a place aboard his ship Gabriell felt like he was giving him his life back. Gabriell feel like he owes his "new" life to Lucifer and has therefor nothing against giving it up for him.


Devil fruit powersEdit

Because he ate the Emmu Emmu no Mi Gabriell can become, control and manipulate smog at will. He has great mastery of his powers and knows the limits and the advantages of his powers to an masterful level.

Tactician Edit

Gabriell is a master tactician and his plans often leaves the enemy stupified. He is also good at seeing through others plans, and can counteract these plans with almost no effort.

Trivia Edit

Because mist looks very much like mist, he was given a misleading name, since his devil fruit is no actually mist, but smog.

Smog is a mix between fog and smoke.

His last name sounds like kiri, the japanese word for mist, which furthers the misleading name of his.


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