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Mizuki, also known as the wailing Banshee of MiRin, is the crew's musician. She is the fifth member of MiRin, the fourth to join, and an actual banshee that was recruited by Tsuki during their visits on one of the islands in the Grand Line. Mizuki is a lover of musical instruments and food. She is sweet, innocent, but unpredictable however she is very approachable.


Age ???
Gender Female
Species Ghost/Spirit
Blood type NA
Birthdate sometime in January
Height 163 cm (5'3")
Weight weightless
Birthplace Thriller Bark
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Banshee
Crew MiRin Pirates
Position Musician
Family Kirisaka Tsukiko (adoptive mother)

Inugami Mido (self-proclaimed father)

Bounty Bsymbol 86,000,000
Dream ???

Appearance Edit

Mizuki is a ghost with a slender body and pale blue translucent complexion. She has long blue hair tied up in a ponytail using chopsticks. Her eyes are unusually white and shows no visible irises or pupils.

Mizuki wears a tattered purple long-sleeved kimono which hides her feet and hands. She has nearly invisible lines at the sides of her lips which are the "extensions" of her mouth. Her mouth, when opened all the way with the "extension", is twice the size of her regular mouth and can emit high pitch screaming causing those around her to collapse.

Personality Edit

Mizuki is sweet and innocent like a child, however, she can also be very hostile when it comes to food or people who make her angry. Her appearance makes everyone afraid of her since she is the omen of death which causes her to be sorrowful and lonely. After joining with the MiRin Pirates, she is almost always incredibly bubbly and energetic.

Mizuki is bossy when it comes to food and also has a habit of using the chopsticks on her hair as utensils when eating. She usually questions the strange and impossible things that she experiences but, then, in the end doesn't really care about it and just accepts it for what it is.

She has an obsession with food and is always hungry.

Relationships Edit

Crew Edit

Kirisaka Tsukiko Edit

Tsuki and Mizuki have a somewhat mother-daughter relationship. Tsuki tends to dote on her adopted daughter and praises her whenever she knocks out her crew mates with her sonic screams. Despite the two having contrasting personalities, they seem to share a strong bond.

Inugami Mido Edit

With Mido dating Tsuki, Mizuki sees him as a fatherly figure. However she argues and scolds him whenever he says something perverted or lewd around Tsuki or herself. She greatly loves his cooking and is always raiding the kitchen when Mido is not around which gets her in trouble.

Kamiya Yume Edit

Mizuki is friends with Yume since they both share a kindred spirit. They seem to be on good terms with each other and often team up in either bullying Mido or battling with the enemy.

Marii Edit

Mizuki enjoys Marii as a part of the crew but they don't hang out very often. Marii is always aloof which makes it hard for Mizuki to approach her.

Kahlil Edit

Since Mizuki has a child-like personality, she sees every crew member as a part of her family with Kahlil being her older brother. She enjoys scaring him on random moments or when she is bored, much like a little sibling.

Jheng Edit

Mizuki and Yume both think of Jheng as "cool" and she treats her like a respected superior. However Jheng's laidback attitude sometimes surprises her, it also amazes her that she could be calm in a harsh situation.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being a ghost she can be seen levitating as a way of walking and never really setting foot on ground unless she sits or lies down. She has the ability to emit high pitch screams that can cause glass to shatter and the people around her to collapse. Mizuki is intangible and can pass through any solid object or any person. However she seems to have a hatred towards bitter things and can be vulnerable when touched by it (except coffee, ironically).

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