Morgana Le Faye

Age 26
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type A+
Birthdate January 15
Height 6'0
Weight 120 lbs.
Island of Origin Grand Line
Occupation Sniper; Pirate;
Epithet The Excellence of Execution (実行の優秀, Jikkō no Yūshū)
Crew Black Heart Pirates
Position First Sniper
Bounty Bsymbol10235,000,000

Morgana Le Faye (モーガナルフェイ, Mōgana Ru Fei) is the sharpshooter of the Black Heart Pirates and one of Raven’s most trusted crew members. She is a prodigy in the art of marksmanship and is known by the moniker of The Excellence of Execution (実行の優秀, Jikkō no Yūshū), due to her quick and agile gun fighting style. She is the daughter of Morgana Valentine, a well-known gunslinger who was also a member of the Black Heart Pirates, unfortunately she passed away when Faye was only 10 years old. She has been with the Black Heart Pirate from a young age, having spent most of her life travelling with the crew. Faye is also one of the three marksmen that are part of the Black Heart Pirate crew. She is the primary sniper of the crew and specializes in close quarter gun combat. Five years before the Battle of Marineford, Faye was an infamous rookie pirate with a bounty of Bsymbol190,000,000, making her part of the previous generation of rookie pirates with bounties over Bsymbol100,000,000.


Faye is a slender, attractive woman in her twenties. She has long blonde hair that is pulled back into a ragged sort of ponytail and has a long red piece of cloth that drapes around her arms and trails down her back. She usually carries her two handguns behind her back, but she can whip them out whenever she wants to use them. She has brown eyes that are distinctively more droopy than other characters, although whenever in a bad mood or in the heat of battle her eyes are said to take on a more dangerous and menacing look, which is usually referred to by some as the killer eyes. Her standard attire consists of a black robe and underneath it she wears a white shirt, black stockings, and knee high black boots. During more formal occasion she tends to wear a purple hakama, a white haori with a sash-like belt and wooden sandals. She has a very gentle-sounding voice that masks her incredible fighting skill.






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