Mr. Giggles

Age 19
Gender Male
Species Half-Fishman


Blood type B-
Birthdate July 9
Height 5'11
Weight 165
Island of Origin Fishman Island
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Mr. Giggles

Demon Fish

Crew Boogie Pirates
Position Navigator, Musician
Family Unknown
Bounty 333,333,333
Dream To make his father realize what his music can do

Mr. Giggles is the Navigator and a Musician for the Boogie Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Giggles wears a brown vest over a white fluff shirt and multi-colored pants and hat. He also wears brown calf length boots with metal on the top of them. He has blue hair and green eyes. His gills are located underneath his shirt and he has a series of three fins hidden under his hat.

Personality Edit

Giggles is arrogant and prideful. He thinks that he is the best navigator in the world and and like to boast on how great he is. He does care for he fellow crew mates though and treats those stronger than him with respect.

Relationships Edit

Crew Edit

He gets along well with the crew members but avoids them when they get drunk and rowdy. He respects his captain but holds a deep fear of him.

Marines Edit

Since he is part of a Shichibukai's crew he has to come to their need if they call for it.

Abilities Edit

He can play the harp, guitar, piano, and drums. He fights with a set of swords but isn't very proficient with them. He has the ability to put people to sleep with his harp if he plays a certain song.

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