Mugzu the Undestroyable Edit

Mugzu the Undestroyable is the 2nd Division Captain of the Death Pirates.

Mugzu the Undestroyable

Age 31
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type AB
Birthdate 1 May


Weight 115 Kgs
Island of Origin Suns Hope
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Mugzu Karnag
Crew Death Pirates
Position 2nd Division Captain


Bounty 287.000.000 Beli
Dream To make Lucifer the Pirate King, to become the worlds strongest man and live as he see's fit

He ate the Wurtzite Wurtzite no Mi which allows him to turn his skin into Wurtzite. He has also been called Mugzu of Carnage.


Mugzu is a tall, strong man. He has a shaved head and green eyes. He wears blue jeans tucked into a pair of black leather boots. He jas no shirt on, but drapes his captains coat over his shoulders and the coat has a black hood, a signature mark of the Death Pirates. He has a chain around his left wrist. hood as the Death Pirates signature mark. The Death Pirates jolly roger is located on the back. He also has the jolly roger tattooed on his chest.


Mugzu is a friendly but serious person and he has almost no sense of humor. He does a strong sense of belonging in the crew and respects and idolizes Lucifer very much. He never backs out of promises and is willing to kill or die for them. He follows orders without hesitation and stops at nothing to complete his order.



Gabriell cherishes the crew and his captain very much, willing to kill or be killed for them. He idolizes Lucifer and is willing to do anything for him.


Devil fruit powersEdit

Because he ate the Wurtzite Wurtzite no Mi he can turn his skin into Wurzite, but has not gain masterful control over it. Sometimes when enraged he will turn his skin into Wurtzite without wanting to.

Strongman Edit

Mugzu is one of the strongest captains in terms of physical strength, being able to smash rocks with his bare hands. This strength combined with his devil fruit makes him a very strong person.

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