Myou Myou no Mi

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Translation Life-Life Fruit
Meaning False Life
English Name Life-Life Fruit
Type Paramecia
Power Animate the Non-Living
Eaten By King Doreah
Story/Creator One Piece: The Rising Sun by Tyger

The Myou Myou no Mi is a paramecia type Devil Fruit that gives its user the ability to animate non-living objects.  This fruit was eaten by King Doreah of the Zodiac Faction.


The Myou-Myou no Mi resembles a green sweetgum ball.


This fruit gives its user the ability to give life to any non-living object, be it weapons, dolls, etcs.  There is no limit to how many lives are created, as long as the vessel isn't destroyed.


Like all Devil Fruits users, the user of the possesses a natural weakness around water, his strength being drained from his body whenever he is exposed to the sea.  Even if objects can be given life, they are limited to their physical states.  An example would be a house cannot move from its foundation due to the fact that it has no limbs with which to move.  Applicably, this does limit what can be given life and still be useful.


Doreah has used his powers to amass an entire army to do his bidding.  One of his more favorites being his Origami Kingdom, as being a giant makes his creations gargantuan in comparison to humans.  He also created his Champion, a mindless killing machine made soley to kill.  His two guards, Mondo and Fiora, were special as they were given intelligence and free will.  This seems to show that he can choose what his creations are able to do.  Although not mentioned, his throne and ship, the Gepetto, were also alive as they could do more than a typical ship or chair can do.


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