Mysterious Rings


Some Mysterious Rings as they appear in books

The Mysterious Rings are a phenomenon of huge geometric markings that mysteriously appear in grassy fields overnight.


The Mysterious Rings are found in grassy fields worldwide. In all four Blues and even the Grand Line. They are mostly discovered on uninhabited islands, but some of them have been found in the grassy fields near towns, in which case they seemingly appear overnight.


No one knows what causes the Mysterious Rings to appear. When they appear near inhabited areas, they seemingly appear overnight. Old records speak of a similar phenomenon, but reports have been more frequent lately.

Original Purpose

Unknown. They may be natural, but this is unlikely. Some theorize that they are pranks put together by troublemakers, but the elaborate patterns and the amount of work it would take to mark them would take much longer than a single night...

Current Purpose

Just to baffle people and entice scientists to study them.

Balls of Light

Some old records and recent reports mention two to three dancing balls of light appearing in the fields the night before the markings are found. A connection is theorized, but no evidence has been found...

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