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Age 24
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Island of Origin Blank Island
Occupation Junior General of the Sentinels of Blank Island
Family Unknown

Nae (ナエ, Nae) is a member of the Sentinels of Blank Island and he is ranked as a Junior General.


Quite unlike his superior Amol who is clean cut and well groomed, Nae is the complete opposite. His hair is long, falling down to his chest and the small of his back and consisting of two different colors. The bangs of his hair are purple while the entire back side of his hair is dyed a navy blue color. He wears a pair of square frame glasses and two golden earrings as well as the same military outfit that Amol wears.


Nae appears to be very antagonistic against pirates despite the fact they are sanctioned under the laws of Blank Island granted they not cause too many problems. He is prone to making fast judgments and assumptions as he accused the Straw Hat Pirates of being the ones who wrecked the docks when it was several other pirate crews who had done it. Much like Amol, Nae seems to show no fear as he instigated a fight with Kedamono Jeran.


Nae is very proficient in the usage of spears as he was seen carrying a normal one before Jeran broke it, which prompted him to bring out his halberd, Konpaku Gurai which he used with ease against his opponent. He has a great deal of durability as he was slammed face first onto the ground via brute force from Jeran and still managed to begin rising to his feet to fight again.


At some unknown point in time, Nae joined the Sentinels of Blank Island and ascended through the ranks to become a Junior General.

Encountering the Straw HatsEdit

After the Straw Hat Pirates defeated several pirate crews that were wrecking the docks at Blank Island, Nae approached them and immediately accused them of causing all the damage and demanding that they leave the island. When Jeran denied his accusations, Nae instigated a fight with him by threatening him.

The fight between Jeran and Nae was quite short and it ended before either parties could do significant damage to the other, although Jeran did slam Nae face first into the ground, it was not enough to knock the soldier unconscious. He was later reprimanded by Amol for his stubbornness and now he is being taken on board the Sunny along with his superior for medical attention.

Major BattlesEdit


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