Nemaeo Fortuna

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Age 23
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O
Birthdate Unknown
Height 6'2"
Weight 152lbs.
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Godking of Battle
Crew Leo Reavers Pirates
Position First Mate
Family Unknown
Bounty Bsymbol10141,000,000
Dream To live the life of a king

Nemaeo Fortuna (ネマエオ ・フォーチュナ, Nemaeo Foochuna) is the First Mate of the Leo Reavers Pirates. He ate the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Lion, allowing him to turn into a lion or a hybrid human-lion.


He usually appears as a man with a softly tanned skin and a smooth complexion, with eyes of rich mahogany- he is said to have been mirrored in the image of angels and he dresses like a Persian prince- silk red and white robes flow loosely around his body, over his right arm to leave the left side exposed, bound halfheartedly at the waist by a pair of elastic black ropes from which, a silver bell hangs at the ends. His pale blond hair is tied lazily behind his neck, leaving strands to wisp over his shoulders and neck, while the ponytail extends well past his back and down to his knees.


Nemaeo speaks like a king and is known to have a passive nature until Ryuname ends up setting him off. When he is in his Zoan-form, he is driven by the utter desire to hunt and eat the kill.

He has a slight fear of large rats and mice, and will often jump onto the nearest person or object if one were to come towards him.


Leo Reavers PiratesEdit

As the First Mate, Nemaeo is the one the crew seeks guidance from when Ryuname is incapable of offering her insight. Though, they tend to go to him more often, due to Ryuname's tendency to 'shoot first, and ask questions later.'


Nemaeo fights with a peculiar saber when not using his Devil Fruit power, so it can be assumed he's a proficient swordsman.

Devil FruitEdit

Nemaeo ate the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Lion. It is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into lion or a hybrid human-lion. Massive in size and brutally powerful, he is capable of laying waste to nearly anything in his path.

His special ability, Gladiator's Anthem, greatly increases the strength and will of himself and his crewmates.


Ryuname met Nemaeo in a single-man rampage through a small town he happened to be in, and her wild temper pulled him into a rage. The two fought, and Ryuname beat him into submission, earning his utmost respect and loyalty. It can be presumed he joined her crew during this time.


  • The character Nemaeo Fortuna was created by Ryuname and the article was made by me.
  • Nemaeo's name is derived from the mythological beast, The Nemean Lion; a massive lion slain by Hercules.
  • His favorite meal is raw mutton with white wine and white grapes.

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