New World Bound is a fanfiction written by Crazyman321, created November 7, 2009, and is still in progress. The story contains both characters created by Crazyman321 and characters sent in by fan readers. It takes place 25 years after the appearance of the strawhat pirates and focueses on rookie pirate, Hideo Katsua and his crew as he attempts to complete his goal: world domination! It is posted on under the category One Piece.

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New World Bound

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Author Crazyman321
Date Published 11-7-09
Fiction Rated T ( rating system)
Language English
Genre Adventure/General
Chapters 17
Status In Progress


Twenty-five years ago the infamous Strawhat Pirates set sail into the New World in order to chase after their dreams. Perhaps in a perfect world Luffy could’ve made it to Raftel and become the new pirate king. Though this world is far from perfect. The Strawhats sailed the New World for years before being crushed by the marines. Although they did escape no one really knows what has happened to them. The crew has split up and each gone their own ways. Why? This question has yet to be answered as well. Several of them indeed managed to complete their life’s dream but the true mystery is what happened to their captain, Monkey D. Luffy, who hasn’t been seen since.

The marines hoped the crushing defeat of these criminals and several other famous crews would put an end to the era of pirates but instead it sparked new dreamers as well. Many saw the valiant efforts of this ‘nobody crew’ and began to think if they too could make it. This hasn’t changed much over the years, and so, another dreamer leaves his homeland and steps out into the endless ocean.

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  • Hanabi Island
  • Bausyer Island
  • Rushville
  • Myer Island
  • Toroa

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Bausyer Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
1 Goodbye, Hanabi Island Young pirate, Hideo Katsua leaves his home island, Hanabi Island in order to reach his goals. Just as he departs his old childhood friend, Roland, blocks the way to his ship. Roland had grew up to become a marine and would not allow Hideo to go out to sea on a stupid whim, but Hideo knocks him aside and sets sail. His dream: World Domination!
2 Greetings From the Manly Captain! On an island not too far from Hideo's location at sea, a pirate crew is shot and killed by a mysterious archer.Unprepared for a life at sea, Hideo begins to starve and drowns out in the ocean due to fatigue. Luckily for him, he's pulled up to safety by a merry crew of fishermen lead by the enthusiastic Captain Manly.After a friendly meet and greet they reach Bausyer Island where they all have a good time in the bar. Hideo is also revealed to have pretty weak alcohol tolerance and spills to the entire the bare the fact he's a pirate. Manly gives him one day to leave the place due to the series of pirates that have been murdered. The next morning Hideo awakes witha hangover and meets a boy carrying s bow and arrow.
3 The Broken Arrow The boy reveals himself to be Takato Hiroyuki and invites Hideo to join his captain's crew, which Hideo refuses. The boy returns to his captain who rewards Takato with punishment.Nevertheless, Takato takes it and stays loyal to the man. the pirate captain, Clayton, sends some of his lower men out into town who begin to cause damage. Hideo and Manly step out on the scene to fight this threat. Hideo with his weapin of choice, dynamite, and Manly with brute strength. After finishing the lackies they head to the source and engage in direct combat with Clayton and Takato. The latter then remember his childhood.
4 The Arrow That Soars As Takato's childhood is revealed the battle comes to an end when he turns his back on Clayton and flees the scene. Manly suggests that Hideo let him join his crew and after a short conversation on why he should join him the Unnamed crew had it's first member and Marskman.

Rushville ArcEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
5 Drifting Out At Sea Hideo and his new comrade have been on the ocean for a couple days and are on their way to Rushville for a rest stop. On the way there a steam powered ship suddenly charged past them, onboard a young girl being bound by ropes and carried away. Deciding to lend a bit of help, Hideo launches their tiny ship into the air and hop aboard the vesssel. Meeting minor resistance at first they then encounter a red head sword(wo)man and the two are split up. Takato continued to battle her while Hideo finds himself in a storage room where two new figures begin to make their move. A slender man wielding large claw like blades and a much larger one with an assortment of attachable weapons, his favorite being a huge axe.
6 Black Cats and Axe Hands The two new enemies reveal themselves to be none other than Axe Hand Morgan (now with a bounty of his own) and Black Cat Kuro. the fights continue and both Hideo and Takato take severe beatings from their new enemies. It wasn't until Haze attempts to help him does he free her from the net and she manages to down Morgan. Hideo manages to lead Kuro into a trap and flees the scene but is met by a surprise when Kuro shows up on deck. Haze once again saved the two by blasting the pirate off the ship and into the ocean. After a short conversation Haze joined the crew as their swordsman and they continued on their way to Rushville.
7 Welcome to Rushville! All is going well for Hideo and his pirate crew as they're finally nearing Rushville on the boat taken from Kuro and Morgan. While passing time they find a stack of bounty posters on the ship with a slew of wanted criminals. Two of which having bounty's of nearly 50 million really caught Hideo's eye. They belonged to a crew known as the Starfall Pirates. As they continued to look through Takato spotted one for Ursa Miroku, the reason they were heading towards Rushville. He was a person who could get them a ship. Ursa was on Rushville for the night and locked in a cell, he'd be shipped off to another island in a marine ship in a few hours. Also arriving on the island were the members of the Karkade marine division as they were just meeting up with their new commander, Roland Grant. As Hideo and his crew neared the shores of the island there was the sound of a canon being fired and soon their ship was in a wreck and Haze was lost.
8 Because That's What a Captain Does As Hideo manages to regain his composure after the attack on their ship he dives into the water himself to go find her. He leaves a captain's order for the crew's marksman, Takato, to handle the marine ship from a distance. In the struggle, Takato manges to take care of the cannon and the rest of the marines, but in the end he ends up taking a blast as well, leaving Hideo to paddle and carry them both to the island. he manages to do this however the marines soon go searching the town and Hideo ends up in custody.
9 The captain's Orders After Hideo has been taken away Takato and Haze argue over a plan of action, though after a bit of conversation they both realize what they must do. Taking 2 horses they ride off into the town. Haze goes to the docks in order to secure them a get away ship. Upon arrival she meets the marine mermaid Rin and the two begin to battle. Takato on the other hand makes his way to the base t get Hideo out but is stopped when he encounters the marine named Charlotte. And to his surprise discovers she's a logia user. While in prison Hideo finally manages to fin who they were looking for, Ursa.
10 Fighters of the Karkade Division Haze and Rin's battle begins to pick up as they clash head to head with their weapons. Haze's nodachi versus Rin's naginata. As the marine seems to get the upperhand in the battle though haze manages to pull off a new move and send the mermaid crashing down below the deck. Using this to her advantage however Rin cuts the docks away from the port and drags out the battle into the middle of the water. In Takato's battle he quickly discovers that Charlotte's logia ability is that of the Yani Yani no mi (tar tar fruit) and tries to use its flammable aspect to his advantage. He underestimates the power of a logia fruit however and takes quite a beating before finally lighting her on fire. As he arrives to the marine base however the ship is already departing the harbor.
11 We are the Crimson Storm Pirates! Hope seems lost as Hideo and Ursa are loaded on to the transport vessel and are about to be shipped off to prison. Back by the docks Haze continues her battle with Rin the fight now reaching its climax as she begins to run short on energy. Just as it seemed like she was about to lose though the swordsman uses a unique ability to tur the tides and depart with the ship. With no other options, Takato leaps into the water and gives chase after Hideo's ship, Giselle reveals her bird like features and goes after him though Haze arrives with their new ship. After ramming its horns into the side of the transport vessel they manage to free Hideo, Ursa, and the other prisoner's by mistake and fend off the marines long enough to make their escape.

The Midnight ShadowEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
12 The Pirate's Life It's been a while since their adventure on Rushville and the crew seems to be adjusting rather well to their new ship courtesy of Ursa. Due to a fight between the captain and their shipwirght over chocolate though the route is quickly changed to Myer Island for restocking. Unknown to the new pirate crew is the fact that bounty hunters are tailing them for the new bounties they received back on Rushville.
13 Misfortune Once reaching the shores the crew departs and engage in their usual antics on the island with Hideo soon being sent to the dentist and stumbling around the city in a daze due to the anesthesia. Haze is stricken by bad luck in a mirror shop, and Takato runs into the leader of the Midnight Shadow bounty hunter group and receives a severe beating due to not giving away Hideo's location. Ursa encounter another zoan devil fruit user on board the ship and the battle quickly ensues. With Haze also dealing with an enemy of her own Hideo is left stumbling across town on his own.
14 To be a Stray With Takato out, Revont continues his search for the crew's captain. While this is happening Ursa continues his battle with Raz on board the ship though the two manage to come to a mutual understanding once Revont shows back on the ship. Deciding to team together they fight back the psychotic bounty hunter. Back in town, Haze battles with Faust and as things begin to get bad Hideo arrives and scores a shocking victory for the crew. Returning to their ship they find the two zoan users to be doing rather poorly against Revont but the bounty hunter flees due to the sheer number of enemies. Although the crew escapes everyone realizes that in the end, they had lost.

Toroa ArcEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
15 A Day To Relax Feeling that the crew is rather stressed and angry about what happened with the Midnight Shadow Hideo decides to change their course to a party island known as Toroa. Once reaching port the crew quickly splits into two different groups of two and begin to enjoy themselves in their own way. Arriving shortly after the Crimson Storm Crew is another small ship with three individuals.Later the crew rejoins and enjoys the hot springs, Haze meeting a female fishman by the name of julie and the guys encountering two mysterious men as well. Things seem to be going well until Haze suddenly passes out in the water.
16 The Starfall Pirates Fortunately for the crew, Julie knows a doctor on the island that can help Haze and proceeds to lead them to his place. The doctor is a rather odd guy named Froggy though he knows his stuff for the most part. The rest of the crew is somewhat suspicious but Hideo finds him to be trustworthy. After this they talk for a bit where Hideo asks Julie and Froggy to join him. Just as it seems he's about to get a response the other two men appear who are revealed to be Kurtz and Simian of the Starfall pirate crew, both of them being known to be powerful and hold high bounties. Julie is quickly persuaded back to them by unknown means and once the crew tries to stop them they're all sent plummeting into an odd darkness and knocked unconscious.
17 Window to the Past As Ursa, Hideo, and Takato all hit the ground and Haze is still left unconscious Froggy is the only guy left standing to oppose the men. He demands that Kurtz fixes whatever he has done though the doctor refuses and reveals his ability to be that of the Tero Tero no mi (terror terror fruit) Takato soon wakes up and things get confrontational until Simian downs him with paralyzing serums. Although Froggy can help the marksman in a matter of minutes Ursa and Hideo were still helpless. Due to the fruit Ursa is trapped rewitnessing the day that he lost his entire family to his own father as well as his brother leaving him. The moost horrifying day of his life.

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