Nidai Ryuu is a sword of great importance to Elisa because it is a family hierloom that she inherited from her older brother who gave it to her after his death.

Second Sword of Ryuu

Nidai Ryuu

Price Bsymbol1020,000,000
Meaning Second Sword of Ryuu
Grade O Wazamono
Weapon Type Long Sword
Owner Brother ▬ Elisa


Nidai Ryuu is a Daito Katana and an O Wazamono Grade Sword. It is also a sword crafted by a person named Ryuu who is a famous Swords Smith like Kitetsu. Nidai Ryuu has a pure white hilt, a round tsuba and a equally white blade with a distinct black edge. At the end of the hilt, there is a pure white cloth protruding out of it hanging off a small bell chime that had a smiley face.

Abilities: Edit

Nidai Ryuu is very light and has an extremely sharp edge used for cutting even the hardest of objects; its weight helps because it gives the user quick reflexes and reactions when in use. Nidai Ryuu is inhabited a manifestation of its spirit which Elisa can talk to in her mind as well as being able to 'feel' its presence which enables the sword to work well with Elisa and become a sort-of friend and an extension of her limbs instead of just an object/tool used for fighting. Nidai Ryuu is the second strongest of the Ryuu Series while Shodai Ryuu is the strongest by being one of the 21 Saijo O Wazamono Grade Swords.

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