Nightmare D. Jack is a marine captain who ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Arctic

Nightmare D. Jack

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Age 28
Gender Male
Species Human/Wolf due to his devil fruit powers
Blood type A
Birthdate 21 Febuary
Height 7'7"
Weight 95 Kgs
Island of Origin Unkown
Affiliation World Government
Division Unkown
Occupation Marine
Rank Captain

Nightmare D. James(Farther)

Nightmare D. Matthew

(younger brother)

Nightmare D. Lily

(younger sister)



Jack looks alot like his younger brother Nightmare D. Matthew having brown tangled hair and golden eyes. Unlike his brother he has no scars on his face. But instead has a scar on his chest which he got from his brother. he often seen wearing a marine coat and hat.


Jack is an extremly cruel and vicious person going so far as to brutally maul his opponents. He has a deep hatred for all pirates inculding his younger siblings he has beaten his brother within an inch of his life many times despite that he still cares for them but he put his duties as a marines first.


Nightmare D. JamesEdit

Jack is extremely loyal to his farther who is also his commanding officer.

Nightmare D. MatthewEdit

Like his farther Jack's relationship with his brother is ok at best. The two are always fighting and it was Jack who gave his younger brother his scar.

Nightmare D. LilyEdit

Jack relationship with his sister better then his relationship with there brother.


Jack is a skilled hand to hand combatant he is caple of overpowering his younger brother easliy. He is a skilled marksman capable of hitting a target 99 out of 100.

Devil Fruit abilitiesEdit

Because he ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Arctic Wolf he is capable of turning into a human/wolf hybrid or a full wolf. Unlike most people with devil fruit powers he does'nt have any special moves he just preffers to use his brute strengh and speed when fighting.

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