Nighmare D. Matthew Edit

Nightmare D. Matthew is the captain of the Black Night Pirates.

Nightmare D. Matthew

Age 18
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type A
Birthdate 3 July


Weight 83 Kgs
Island of Origin unknown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Nightmare, Matthew
Crew Black Night Pirates
Position Captain

Nightmare D. James(farther)

Nightmare D. Lily (twin sister)

Nightmare D. Jack (older brother)

Bounty 99,876 Beli
Dream To build the ultimate pirate crew

He ate the Aida Aida no Mi which allows him to teleport from one place to another.


NIghtmare has brown tangled hair and golden eyes. He has a scar streching from his left ear to his mouth

He is never seen without his coat and hat, his sword dark blade or his pet wolf and hawk. He has a tattoo of a wolf head on his right shoulder and a hawk tattoo on his left shoulder. His coat is black and has the Black Nights jolly rodger on the back.


Nightmare is a calm serious person who hardly ever smiles or laughs he won't kill anyone unless absolutely necessary except for innocent people who he won't kill at all. He is often annoyed by his crews silly antics.


Nightmare D. JamesEdit

Nightmare's relationship with his farther ok at best the two do not get along at all. One reason is that his farther wanted Nightmare and his sister Lily to marines like him and their older brother. He was deeply upset when they chose to become pirates.

Nightmare D. JackEdit

Nightmares older brother is a marine who show little mercy to pirates and hunts his younger siblings relentlessly. Dspite that he deeply cares for them but he will not let that interfere with his duties as a marine.

Nightmare D. LilyEdit

Lily is Nightmare's twin sister and closest friend she is the first mate of the Black Night pirates and Nightmare is deeply protective of her.


Nightmare is cares deeply for the members of his crew the Black Night pirates going so far as to beat anyone who harm's a member of his crew.



The dark blade


Nightmare is a skilled swordsman but not as skilled as Zoro or Milhawk

Devil fruit powersEdit

Because he ate the Aida Aida no Mi Nightmare can teleport from one place to another insantly. He is capable of teleporting himself anywhere he has been before and it takes little energy. But teleporting others will leave him very tired. Nightmare can use his teleporting abilities gained from the Aida Aida no Mi to do a number of thing such as teleport around his opponents and hit costantly here are some of his attacks:

  • Teleport Slash Nightmare will draw his sword dark blade and wil teleport behind his a opponent slash and then teleport again and attack them from the front he will do this three or four time.
  • Teleport Flurry Nightmare will consantly teleport and punch his a opponent
  • Teleport Kick The same as teleport flurry but instead of punching Nightmare will kick his opponent instead.

Shura motte ikimonoEdit

Because his two pets a always with him Nightmare had to make a new fighting which involved his pets It is know as the shura motte ikimono which relies heavily on his devil fruit abilities and his his two pets.

Will of D
Monkey Family:
Gol Family:
Bronwen Family: Bronwen D. Natsue
Nightmare Family: Nightmare D. Matthew  • Nightmare D. Jack
Devil Fruit based: Aida Aida no Mi
Fighting Style: Haki  • Super-Human Strength  • Super-Human Speed
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Organizations: Black Night Pirates

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