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Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birth date Unknown
Height 5'9"
Weight 130 lbs.
Birth place Unknown
Affiliation World Government
Epithet Ashen Warrior
Division None
Occupation Marine
Rank Vice-Admiral
Family Unknown
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name Hai Hai no Mi
English Name: Ash Ash Fruit
Meaning: Ash
Type: Paramecia

Vice-Admiral Ninamori (になもり中将, Ninamori Chūjō) is a Marine that was seen giving orders to Hiruma and Kuragari on Hitoya. He is a member of the Vice-Admiral Armada and holds the rank of Zero One Five (015).


Ninamori has a thin appearance and has ashy gray hair and the same color eyes. He wears a black sash wrapped around his face that covers it in the shape of a triangular veil. He wears a gray dress shirt with dark blue pants and black dress shoes along with a red coat draped over his shoulders with gray epaulets as well.


Ninamori seems to not take disrespect or insubordination well as he was angered at Hiruma to the point that he viciously assaulted him just for talking against him and was even more determined to bring him harm when the former decided to try and attack him with his Devil Fruit power.


Ninamori seems to have a power that allows him to control and create ash. It appears to be a Devil Fruit, but it is not known if he is actually using one or has some alternative form of method to control it. Despite his thin appearance, he is strong enough to pull Hiruma completely over Kuragari's desk and slam him against a wall with seemingly no effort.


Ninamori was first seen on Hitoya demoting Hiruma and Kuragari and reassigning them to another Marine outpost just outside the island of Jaya. When Kuragari began to protest, Ninamori silenced them both and said that his judgment was uncontested because it came straight from Admiral Sakazuki. Hiruma spoke up in protest as well and Ninamori made an example of him by slamming him against the wall and when Hiruma tried to attack him, Ninamori dispatched of Hiruma's clone and hurled Hiruma back over the desk with an unusual control over ash.

After Kuragari and Hiruma left, it can be assumed that Ninamori left as well.


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