The Nija Pirates are the main pirate crew of the story "Leader of the New Era".They are regarded as an extremely powerful crew, as even a Navy Admiral was unable to defeat their captain. They are currently in the New World.

Crew MembersEdit

  1. "The Ninja" Emeth (Captain) - 750,000,000 Berry
  2. "Hellboy" X (First Mate, Swordsman) - 620,000,000 Berry
  3. Rose (Doctor) - 680,000,000 Berry
  4. Crystal (Navigator) - 300,000,000 Berry
  5. Cavin (Shipwright) - 280,000,000 Berry
  6. Kaisei (Cook) - 158,000,000 Berry
  7. Rafael (Spy) - 110,000,000 Berry

Crew StrengthEdit

The Ninja Pirates are regarded as one of the strongest crews in the world. Every member has a bounty of more than 100,000,000 Berry, and all of them posses mastery over at least one type of Haki. Over half of the crew have Devil Fruit abilities, one of them having a Legendary Zoan-type Fruit. They have defeated two of the Shichibukai and one Admiral to date.


The known goals of the crew are to get revenge on a certain man and become the best crew in the world. 

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