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Age 17
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Island of Origin Blank Island
Occupation Major of the Sentinels of Blank Island
Family Unknown

Notus (ノタス, Notasu) is a member of the Sentinels on Blank Island and he is ranked as a Major. He is also one of the youngest known members.


Notus is the youngest member and he has a complexion and body structure to match it, giving him a very youthful appearance. He has short shaggy black hair that is emphasized by a dark green headband. Notus wears a matching uniform but a pair of leather gladiator sandals instead of the combat boots and dress shoes that his superiors wear. The word "Sirocco" is tattooed on his left forearm and a tattoo of a wing is on his right forearm.


He is light-hearted and carefree unlike the other more serious members of the Sentinels. Notus does not take his duties too seriously and he is often reprimanded for slacking off on the job. Despite all of that he is known to carry a heavy burden of having had his parents killed when he was at a young age.


As a Major, Notus has the ability to command others beneath him in rank but it is not often that he actually exerts any authority whatsoever.


Notus' parents were killed when he was at a very young age, which lead to him enlisting in the ranks of the Sentinels a few years after they died.

Trouble on Blank IslandEdit

Notus was first seen cleaning up his barracks until Tobias arrived to inform of their mission to retrieve Amol and Nae from the Straw Hat Pirates. The two of them finished the job first and headed to the docks where the pirates were docked. After being looked upon as suspicious by Roronoa Zoro, he decided to help them when he realized they were genuine and not there to harm them. The two soldiers went below deck with Zoro and Robin to begin transporting their allies back to the headquarters.


  • The character Notus, and this article were created by Subrosian.

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