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Nyx Penderghast

Age 21
Gender Female
Devil Fruit Jigen Jigen No Mi (Paramecia Type)
Blood type B+
Birthdate April 19th
Height 5'5 Feet
Weight 102 Pounds
Island of Origin Somewhere in East Blue
Epithet Shadow-jumper
Crew Luna Pirates
Position Captain
Dream To be the richest pirate ever lived
Bounty N/A

"Shadow-Jumper" Nyx Penderghast is the captain of the Luna Pirates

Appearance Edit

Nyx is a slim, average height albino girl with violet red eyes and hip length, straight silver hair and pale skin. She has two of her cartilages pierced on each ear. She wears a red bandanna around her neck (it's holding back her hair if it's not around her neck) a black cropped tank top with olive green cargo pants with suspenders draped on the side of her pants, and black, fingerless gloves. Her outerwear includes a leather, brown vest and she also wears leather, brown gladiator sandals. Her scythe is strapped to her back and she refers to it as "her baby", although it's name is Calamity.

Personality Edit

Nyx's behavior alternates between incredible energy, passive aggressiveness, a trickster personality, and unpredictability, or mixture of all most of the time, which results in her psychotic antics. With her foul-mouthed biting, lively sense of humor and hunger for conflict, she manages to annoy just about everybody around her. Nyx is rarely seen without her scythe and likes to "fuck around with people stupider than her" (according to crewmates). Her frequent of-course detours frustrates both allies and enemies. She also has no sense of direction and often asks Hermes for help (although his sense of direction is just as bad). She has no moral restraints when it comes to killing, and will not hesitate to take a life. Nyx craves adventure and conflict, causing her whole crew, including herself, to get into lots of messes. She may lack common sense during most situations. Like, Hermes, she tends to laugh maniacally when attacking.

Weapons/Devil Fruit/Fighting Style Edit

Devil Fruit Edit

Nyx is the eater of the Jigen Jigen no mi (Dimension Fruit). The fruit gives her the ability to 'dimension hop' (going between dimensions) and taking anything from these dimensions to benefit her in a fight (whether it is a person or an object).

Nyx can also open up voids between distances and go through them to teleport herself, another person or object.

Fighting Style and Weapon Edit

Nyx is skilled in wielding the Double Bladed Scythe with detachable blades (weapon of her choice), She is skilled in using the scythe for short and long-ranged attacks. She is skilled at wielding it, capable of deflecting bullets shot at close-range. She also has tremendous aim and control of where and how it will strike, making it highly difficult for her opponents to predict the weapon's path. Nyx is extremely agile, having tremendous acrobatic prowess and dexterity in avoiding attacks, able to nimbly evade attacks from the ground while skilfully manipulating her scythe in mid-air.

Quotes Edit

"I don't know kill them?"

"Who pissed on his cornflakes?"

"Captain's order says you needa shut the fuck up."

"I'm gonna enjoy killing you!"

"Well, boo-fucking-hoo."

"I always knew you were going to hell, but now? Damn, you're getting front row seats and first class tickets!"

Trivia Edit

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