Age 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O
Birth date Unknown
Height 5'8
Weight 120lbs.
Birth place Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet The Intelligent Lone Wolf
Family Unknown
Bounty Bsymbol10500,000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name サイズサイズなしミ
English Name: Saizu Saizu no Mi
Meaning: Size Size no Mi
Type: Paramecia
Okashi is a pirate with a bounty of 500,000, and the man who ate the Saizu Saizu no Mi. His dream & goal is to "purify" the world of fighting.

Apperance Edit

Okashi is a young man who wears a black cloak that flares out into ragged ends, additionally, his cloak has a hood and white lining. He has short ragged black hair.

Personality Edit

Okashi is a calm, level-headed individual, he tends to categorize certain people to be inferior then him, and on a lower level. In battle, Okashi is highly aggressive against the opponent, determined to win no matter what, and is determined to achieve his goal, "To "purify" the world of  unnecessary fighting."


Relationships Edit

Okashi has no relationships, as he never knew his family, and currently has no alliances.

Abilities Edit

Okashi trained himself in martial arts, gradually growing stronger with each day, he became highly skilled in martial arts. He ate the Saizu Saizu no Mi.

Devil Fruit Edit

Okashi ate the Saizu Saizu no Mi, translated into Size Size Fruit. It is a Paramecia-type that allows Okashi to resize or expand any part of his body part to a certain extent.

History Edit

Trivia Edit

Okashi & his devil fruit: Saizu Saizu no Mi, were both created by GenerationRewinder.

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