20 years prior to the story there was a legendary businessman called Billed Gates(Later revealed to be Bill D. Gates) that had power, wealth, and fame greatest than all men. But after being accused of piracy, the most feared taboo among businessmen and wanting to prove some crazy ideology at the cost of his life like all pirates all japanese do, he accepted his death to prove that the government is not always right. Before his public execution he said: "I hid my fortune along the One Hundred Piece somewhere, you can have it but you'll have to search the entire world". Since then businessmen big and small from all over the world founded their enterprises in order to find The One Hundred piece the graph that would make you enterprise profit in 100% every month.


  • Justus D. Robert - The CEO of the micro enterprise who ate the enerugi enerugi no mi making able to remain without sleep for long periods of time increasing the productivity, but it requires great amounts of food.

  • Tony Tornado - The particular medician of the enterprise.

  • Usotsuku - a trainee with the bad habit of lying. he is a good to nothing but appears to good with eletronics

  • Safin - Robert's secretary she's supposed to walk always in miniskirt. despite the looks she's actually really smart counterbalancing Robert's dumbness

  • Ramon - A south american janitor no one knows exactly knows from which country he comes from. He is also secretely the torturer and hitman of the enterprise using five switchblades to fight.


  • 1+1=2

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