One Piece: New World is the second part of the One Piece series.


New World SagaEdit

Straw Hat Reformation ArcEdit

The Straw Hat pirates reunite at Sabaody Archipelago. But before they can leave for Fishman Island and enter into the New World, they must defeat a group of imposter pirates posing as them.Edit

Fishman Island ArcEdit

The Straw Hats arrive on Fishman Island, but they are soon hunted when their arrval predicts the destruction of the entire island. At the same time, a ruthless fishman named Hody Jones plots to overthrow the Fishman Kingdom.Edit

Isle Mortez ArcEdit

The Straw Hats arrive in the New World and head for the first island, Isle Mortez, an island under the corrupt rule on G5, the world's most dangerous and lawless naval base. Luffy and friends run into old enemies and powerful new ones as they see first hand how cruel the World Government can truely be.Edit

G5 Assault ArcEdit

The Straw Hats launch an all-out assault on G5 to save the citizens of Isle Mortez and to send a message to the World Government. Luffy and friends will have to go up against many powerful rivals including Smoker, Koby, Mad Dog, as well as the three newest members of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Post-G5 Assault ArcEdit

The Straw Hats return to Isle Mortez as heroes. But they must leave fast before the World Government can find them. Luffy and friends come face to face with members of the Revolutionary Army who want Luffy to join them.Edit

Isle Mundo ArcEdit

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