The Oregano Pirates
Oregano Flag Foreal

The Flag of the Oregano Pirates!

Main Ship The Cherry Maria
Jolly Roger Two green skulls side by side on a black flag
Base West Blue
Captain Oregano
Type Peace Main
Crew Population 4
Total Bounty Bsymbol 36,000,000

The Oregano Pirates are a newly formed pirate crew from the West Blue they came in on the scene after the death of the famous pirate Whitebeard. The Oregano Pirates represent the season of Spring in the fanfic Age of the Four Seasons.

Captained by Oregano of the West Blue. A young man looking for adventure wherever he goes. Cursed with an unlucky side, Oregano sets off into the world of piracy with his pet koala Polen. Taking every day in stride and loving the idea of freedom above all else this sharpshooting, animal loving, free spirited and very unlucky captain never has a dull day.





Bo Stockston

Crew StrengthEdit

Name Role Strengths Epithet Bounty
Oregano Captain

- Exceptional Marksman

- Well Rounded Cook

-Good with Animals

Triple Six 36,000,000


(Pet Koala)


- Very Determined

- Sly and Sneaky

- High Confidence

None 0


(Pet Seagull)


- Incredible Flight Speed

- Gracefully Agile

- Territitorially Protective

None 0
Bo Stockston First Mate

- Inhuman Strength

- Monsterous Stamina

- Tank Level Durability

- Down to Business Attitude

None 0

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