Owen Howitzer

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Age 27-30
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type N/A
Birthdate August 3
Height 6'8"
Weight N/A
Island of Origin
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Twilight Demon
Crew Twilight Pirates
Position Captain
Bounty Bsymbol10??

"Twilight Demon" Owen Howitzer is the pirate who inspired Zen to go on his journey to become a pirate and the captain of the Twilight Pirates. He's also one of the Yonko.


Owen is dressed mostly in blue tones, with traces of leather scattered throughout his outfit coupled with a long, flowing blue scarf. He used to wears a pair of blue sunglasses before he gave them to Zen and always seen carrying around huge ship cannon encased in a steel chain on his left shoulder. His favourate shot gun, equipped with bayonet is been kept in its hoister, hanging on his right waist. His hair is short and is blue like his clothes.


Owen initially is a very mysterious person. Generally quiet, when he does speak, everybody listens. He is capable of commanding the attention of everybody around him with little effort. He seems to know about everything happened in the world, though his quiet nature makes it unclear exactly how much knowledge he actually has. He frequently disappears from the marine observation for long stretches of time. One thing to note, though he never seems to lie, he has the habit of not giving a straight answer, leaving others to make their own judgments.

Weapon/ Devil Fruit/ Fighting StyleEdit





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