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Age 11
Gender Female
Species 1/2 human; 1/2 panda bear mink
Blood type X
Birth date October 25
Height 122 cm (4'00")
Weight 33 kg (73 lbs)
Birth place Namakura Island, Grand Line
Occupation Pirate; Thief (former)
Epithet Silent Bear
Crew Jewel Pirates; Heart Pirates (former)
Position Spy
Family unknown
Bounty Bsymbol1036,000,000
Dream To live life at its fullest
Panda, more commonly known under her epithet as the "Silent Bear", is an orphan mink/human hybrid child and takes the position as the crew's spy. She snuck into the submarine of the Heart Pirates and ended up traveling with them for a short while, before eventually deciding to join the Jewel Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Panda is a small girl with long, wavy, pink hair and round light brown eyes. She sports a sleeveless dress in similar fashion to the Heart Pirates' boiler suits that bears her former crew's jolly roger. She also wears small black boots and has black bear ears and a tail.

Personality Edit

Born as homeless and poor, Panda had to learn how to survive living in the streets at the age of four when her father passed away from starvation and her mother was sold to slave traders. Because of many harsh experiences during her childhood and having no one to rely on, she grew up as an emotionless, hard-hearted and rude person.

With little trust towards others, Panda usually goes off on her own when not given an order by someone of higher ranking, such as the captain or first mate. However, despite her cold words and blank expressions, she is actually a very compassionate girl when everyone least expects it. This may be because of her own numerous experiences, allowing her to feel empathy towards others who are struggling just as she had in the past.

Other than that, Panda is very serious about her duties and is usually quiet, mainly because her position requires her to do so.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As her mother was a member of the Mink Tribe, Panda, like all other minks, is a born warrior. She has shown to be able to use the tribe's skill that produces electric shocks known as Electro and also possesses a quick recovery rate.

During her time as a Heart Pirate, she has trained under Bepo and quickly learned martial arts, more specifically Kung Fu. Using the incredible strength from her mother's mink genetics, she is able to strike punches and kicks with deadly outcomes. Also, because of her small stature, she is able to move in and out of places rather quickly, as well as dodging her opponent's attacks with ease.

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