Peace Pirates
Main Ship Glory Rider
Captain Grant O. Ryan
Type Peace Main
Crew Population 2
Total Bounty

The Peace Pirates is a new pirate crew that began in the North Blue. They are going to be the main heroes in the story and they will be led by new pirate and main protagonist, Grant O. Ryan along with his dog companion, Zee.

Jolly RogerEdit

The crew's Jolly Roger is a a little diferent from you normal skull and cross bones. It instead of a skull has a peace sign that indicates Grant's peace symbol and around is something that looks like flower petals with the inside of it its eyes are closed like its smiling. Also instead of two cross bones it contains one instead. The jolly roger is not only on their flag, but on their sails too.


The crew is just starting off with a number of 2 members.

  • Grant O. Ryan
  • Zee

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