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Captain Kuragari Karasu and Hiruma
Pirate Crew None, owned by Kuragari and Hiruma when they defected from the Marines
Type: Xebec
General Material Wood
Base Material Elm
Number of Cannons Unknown

The Phantom is a ship that was purchased at Mock Town by Kuragari and Hiruma after they collected the bounty of Bellamy and his crew and defected from the Marines.

Appearance and DesignEdit

It is a Xebec model ship that simply appears as a simple wooden ship with no special modifications to it. There are three masts with full lateen sails and oars for propulsion through the sea. It is unknown how many guns it has but they are known to hold up to twenty-four guns and still be able to sail swiftly through the water.

Pirate: Thousand Sunny | Howling Moon | Apocalyptic Thunder | G-Force
Marine: Phantom
World Government: Dragon Wraith | Glider
World Government:

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