Piracy: The First Movie

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Author YolkaEd
Date Published 10-01-09
Fiction Rated T (Fanfiction.netRating System)
Language English
Genre Adventure/General
Chapters 1
Status In Progress

Piracy: The First Movie (Full title: Clash between Pirates and Ninjas! The Secrets of Kiritsu Island!) is a fanfiction written by YolkaEd, published October 1, 2009, and is currently in progress. It is a spin-off of his other story, Piracy: The New Generation, and is set between chapters 29 and 30 of that story.

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On their way from Reverse Mountain, the Cross Skull Pirates encounter an island where one thing is being practiced by the inhabitants; ninjitsu! However, an old enemy of one of the crewmembers wants the secrets of this technique for himself! Can the pirates stop this foe in his plot?


Cross Skull PiratesEdit

Main article: Cross Skull Pirates


  • Captain Westfall (SeeNoEvil121)
  • Lieutenant Commander Allenton (Kisdota-the Freak Gamer)
  • Ensign Rand (Kisdota-the Freak Gamer)


# Chapter Summary
1 After a prologue depicting Captain Westfall and some of his subordinates attacking a village, and some Marines being defeated by some shady characters, we see the Cross Skull Pirates on their way to Atsumari Island. However, a cooking mishap leaves the crew with relatively little food. Things get worse when Chris and Maria are abducted by one of Westfall's officers, who ate a Devil Fruit that lets him warp himself and anything where he wishes. However, he does leave an Eternal Pose which points towards an island called Kiritsu Island, which Zugai decides that they have to go to, in order to save their crewmates.
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Pirates: Zugai Hibiware | Nampu Kiyasui
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Bounty Hunters: Morte del Astuto
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Zoan: Enma Enma no Mi | Feri Feri no Mi | Mushi Mushi no Mi, Model: Centipede | Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Ocelot | Wani Wani no Mi, Model: Gharial
Logia: Ougon Ougon no Mi
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Bladed Weapons: Honehakaisha
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Futuristic: Piracy: The New Generation (Film 1)
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