Pirates Grave


Pirates Grave as it appears in books.

Pirates Grave is a mysterious monument in the world of One Piece.


The monument is located on a piece of rock near the entrance to the Grand Line at Reverse Mountain.


Very little is known about the history of the Pirates Grave. Histories date it's creation back to long before Gold Roger first set sail. It's unknown who built it and exactly when.

Original Purpose

According to inscriptions found on the monument and on islands near it, the monument was erected to welcome new pirates to the Grand Line, as well as to warn them to be careful on their journey. It also serves as a memorial to any and all pirates who die in the Grand Line.

Current Purpose

Nowadays, the Pirates Grave is used as a monument to mark the beginning of the Grand Line. It is customary for pirates to make a stop at Pirates Grave before going up Reverse Mountain to give a prayer to all the unknown pirates who lost their lives in the Grand Line. It is said that making a prayer will help the crew have a fun-filled journey.

Main Inscription

"Here lies the hopes and dreams of countless men, their lights extinguished in a blaze of glory. As long as men continue to chase their dreams, those lost will not be forgotten."

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