Portgas D. Anne




The Imortal Flame


Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type O
Birthdate 18th October
Island of Origin

Somewhere in East blue




Crew Sea Wolf Pirates
Position Chef

Father - Portgas D. Ace

Mother - N/A


1st = 90,000,000 berry


Devil Fruit

Become the best Chef and keep the honor of her father still alive.

Ferno Ferno no Mi

Portgas D. Anne is Portgas D. Ace's daughter, and her devil fruit is his same Devil Fruit, because of that her bounty was imediatly put in a high level, even tough she is a little underestimated since she is a female and is still young. She really hates the Marines, since they killed her father, especially Admirals and fleet admiral sakazuki. She the chef of the Sea Wolf Pirates. She learned how to cook from her mother and used to cook with her on her mother's Restaurant Boat. During her stay with her mother they met with Sakura Kinomoto, she used to play the violin, the piano or the flute while the customers ate. She has a close relationship with Wolf W. Arthur.


She has black hair and brown eyes. She is very similar to her father and also attractive. She even sported a similar outfit of her father in feminine form. She keeps her father's lucky machete as a token to respect and keep her father's honor with her. She also has a tattoo of her name on her left arm.

Devil Fruit:Edit

Ferno-Ferno No Mi a Logia-classed Devil Fruit, giving her similar flaming capabilities of her father. It was giving to her by someone she doesn't know when she was an younger so when she would grow and know all about her father she would eat the age of 12 she eventually ate the fruit and inherited her father's power.

Relationship's Edit

Father Edit

Portgas D. Ace ("Fire Fist" Ace Deceased) son of Gol D. Roger and Portgas D. Rouge.


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