Prodigious is a unique fighting style that is used strictly by Natsume Kedamono. It utilizes a combination of Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai in order to devastate her opponents.

Power SourceEdit

In order to utilize Prodigious, Natsume uses her Super-Human Strength to fight with the powerful martial arts. Due to the various techniques of Prodigious, one needs to be light and flexible as well to execute the maneuvers.


It is not known how Natsume came to learn all of the mixed martial arts, but she most likely had intensive and rigorous physical training to be able to perform the feats she is capable of using.


Natsume uses Prodigious to deliver crushing punches and kicks to her opponents in order to subdue them quickly. She can also use grappling maneuvers, but she has yet to be seen executing them in any of her fights.


  • Mikazuki Shinsei (Crescent Nova): Natsume back flips through the air in a crescent shape and delivers a crushing kick to the face of her opponent with the tip of her foot.
  • Dokuro Dibaida (Skull Divider): Natsume hits the enemy in the face with a cross hook that starts to send to them the ground. With the momentum of her swing, she allows her body to flip around in order to finish them off with a heel crush to the top of their skull.
  • Kairiki Rengaken (Superhuman Brick Fist): Natsume's fist becomes surrounded in an unnatural steam before she punches the enemy with a full rotation of her body. The spot of impact launches out a circle of energy while the steam from her fist emanates out the back of her opponent.

Combination AttacksEdit

  • Prodigious Fishman Karate – Gosenmaigawara Seiken (Five Thousand Tile True Punch): A combination attack with Jinbei. They both use their inhuman strength to deliver a very powerful uppercut, sending the opponent flying. This was first used to defeat Minozebra.
  • Prodigious Fishman Karate - Shugojin Onigawara Seiken (Guardian Deity Demon Tile Punch): A combination attack with Jinbei. Natsume initialized the attack by unknowingly releasing a burst of Haki that surrounded them both in a spiritual essence that took the form of a large demon fist. They then rush their opponent and hit them with their strongest punch. It was first used to defeat Magellan with the help of Mr. 3's Giant Candle Wall.
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