Psy-Mar Pirates
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Main Ship Kyron Hunter
Jolly Roger A skull with Hilbert's hair and Nash's top hat, and the crossbones comprise of a wrench, a golf club and a scythe
Base N/A
Captain Peytan E. Hilbert
Type Peace Main
Crew Population Four (3 Humans, 1 Android)
Total Bounty Bsymbol ???

The Psy-Mar Pirates are the main protagonists in the fan-fiction Will of the Psy-Mar by Cory of PRIVATE Corp. Their name derives from the combination of Hilbert's Psych-Psych Fruit and Nash's Mar-Mar Fruit. Their ship is a modified Chinese Junk ship by the name of Kyron Hunter, named after Peytan E. Kyron and was found drifting at sea in bad condition.


  • Peytan E. Hilbert - Captain
  • Nash of All Greens - First Mate
  • Neutrino Nine-Zero - Cook / Janitor
  • Olden Duster - Shipwright / Blacksmith

Crew StrengthEdit

Out of the available crew members, two of them have the powers of the Devil Fruit.

Relationships Edit



  • Peytan E. Hilbert: to become the next Pirate King, obtain the One Piece and defeat Negrot Beret
  • Nash of All Greens: to find his missing 42th ball, the Golden Sphere, after using it mysteriously during a game.
  • Neutrino Nine-Zero: unknown
  • Olden Duster: unknown

Locations Visited Edit

South BlueEdit

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Grand LineEdit

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