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Age- 24
Gender- Male
Species- Human
Blood type X-
Birthdate- July 4
Height 5'11"
Weight 170 lbs
Island of Origin- Grand Line
Occupation- Marine
Epithet "Star Crusher"
Position- Commadore
Family- Unknown
Dream- Enjoy all pleasures of life

Ralley is a member of the Marines, which he has quickly ascended in rank in a short amount of time.


Ralley has a well defined build due to his training in the Roukushiki Arts.  He has shaggy dirty blond hair and handsome features.  Like all Marines, he wears the typical Marine uniform which no altercations.


Ralley is known for being a playboy to the point of being perverted as he always flirts with his Liutenant by asking what color he panties are.  He is rather laid back compared to most Marines, but is very strict when it comes to combat training.  He is compotent in his duties and leadership, but is always ready to take a break when all of the work is done.  He holds a strong morale justice, but tends to despise pirates that have harmed the innocent, which he will destroy without mercy.

Fighting StyleEdit

Ralley is a powerful user of the Rokushiki Arts and is a master of each technique.







Russian Roulette- This move is a lesser form of the Rokugan as Ralley isn't strong enough to perform it.  So he developed this technique to compensate until he gains more power.  Despite this, the shockwave is still quite powerful against anyone who is hit by it.  Its strength is that is does not require a set position to be fired from and does not require both hands to use.  However, the drawback is that is also harms Ralley in the process, hense its name.  Due to this, Ralley uses it as a last resort.


Being a Commadore, Ralley is just one rank below a Rear Admiral, which have been known to use Rokushiki techniques.  He commands all other Marines below him and seems to be close to his Liutenant, but only in his mind.Edit




According to his Lt, Ralley has a Doriki of 1500, which is the only known level below the top 3 members of CP9.  Due to his incredible fighting prowess, he obtained the title of "Star Crusher" as he has defeated two "Supernova" class pirates in the past.  He also acknowledged Victor's strength, saying he was more dangerous than his bounty alluded to.

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