Rappu Rappu no Mi
Japanese Name: ラップラップの果実
English Name: Wrap Wrap Fruit
Meaning: Wrap
Power: The ability to create ribbons and tape.
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Cast D. Striker
Created by: ZeoSpark
The Rappu Rappu no Mi is a Parameica-type devil fruit that allows the user to create ribbons and tape making the user a Wrapping Human. It was eaten by Anne.


One of the main strenghts of this devil fruit, as demostrated by Anne, is that she is able to create large amounts of ribbons or tape from parts of her body mainly from her fingers. This devil fruit is useful in trapping tough foes or repairing any breaks in certain objects.


The main weakness of this devil fruit is that the ribbon and tape themselves can be broken easily by a strong opponent.


  • Wrap-up: Anne sends out a bunch of ribbons that wrap around and bind the opponent.

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