The Reef Knot Pirates are a Pirate Crew lead by Captain Malcolm D Combs. They Reside in the New World, although they are a relatively small crew.

Malcolm D Combs

Eater of the Keiren Keiren no Mi, he is the captain and musician of the crew. Tall, brown haired, Haki-user.


Eater of the Kame Kame no Mi, he is the Swordsman of the crew. Lanky, brown hair, Haki-User.

Horace Trout

Ex member of the "Nice Body" pirates, Horace is the grandfather of Tiki. Huge, glasses, long gray hair, Haki-user.

Tiki Trout

Eater of the Bitaminshii Bitaminshii no Mi, Tiki is the cook and youngest member of the Reef Knot Pirates. He is Horace's grandson. Short, lanky, red hair.


Sibe is the shipwright for the Reef Knot Pirates. He creates technologically advanced weapons for his own use and also outfits the ship with them. Tall, thin, well dressed, black hair, glasses.


Johan is the Doctor of the crew. He is a short Dwarf with a brown braided beard, and is the owner of Kalamari.


Pet/weapon of Johan, and also his medical assistant. He is a pink octopus who ate the Ono Ono no Mi.

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