Reginald Edit

Reginald (レジナルド, Rejinarudo), also known by his epithet of the "Unchained Spirit" is a former member of Cipher Pol Zero, and currently serves as an Impel Down prisoner on the 6th Level.

Appearance Edit

Reginald is of average size, and wears a dark purple cloak with a white shirt and ripped shorts underneath. He wears no shoes, and due to this, his feet are heavily bandaged.

He has unkempt chestnut hair, blue eyes and a scar that follows his left eyebrow. His hands and fingers have numerous scars on them, and his right arm has a dark blue tribal sleeve tattoo.

Personality Edit

Reginald is a person who does not enjoy being pushed around, and more or less does what he wants (even in prison), and is why he is still in prison (because he doesn't feel like trying to escape). He is also quite lazy, and orders other people around (not noticing his hypo criticism), regardless of what they might be doing. He will sometimes sleep through a whole day, even while the Blugori might be beating him in his sleep. 

Despite this, he is an extremely proficient fighter, only needing his  

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