Ria Gray

Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type A+
Birthdate February 9th
Height 5'6
Weight 165
Island of Origin Lougetown
Affiliation World Government
Division Division 4
Occupation Marine
Family Unknown Father, Unknown Mother, D.O. Gray(Brother)
Drean To help her brother become king of the pirates

Ria Gray is a marine Corporal who secretly works for her brother D.O Gray captain of the Boogie Pirates. Her rank in the Boogie Pirates is that of First Mate. She consumed the Namari Namari no Mi.

Appearance Edit

Gray has short black hair and silver eyes. She wears a neck high shirt with the sleeves cut off and a leather harness. She wears a long sleeves that go up half way up her arm. She wears black shorts covered by a white sash.

Personality Edit

Ria has a quiet disposition to most people and only talks to those she feels comfortable with. She finishes most mission within a couple of days and doesn't like being away from base for to long.

Like other characters she has a unique laugh she shares this laugh with her brother: ShiShiShiShiShi

Relationships Edit

Marines Edit

Most marines find her emotionless and don't normally speak and cooperate with her. Vice admiral Kaiser is one of the few people who communicate with her and Ria enjoy's her company.

Boogie Pirates Edit

She doesn't speak to most of them and finds them disruptive, rude, and annoying but does appreciate the loyalty they have for her brother.

D.O Gray Edit

When she's near her brother her personality switches to that of a spoiled kid and laughs and acts out to get his attention. She is a total Bro-con. She has numerous wanted pictures and other pictures of her brother put up in her room at base.

Abilities Edit

She uses daggers and knives when she fights like her brother. She is also a master of sleight of hand and can make a dagger appear out what seems like know where. She also uses her devil fruit to make all her daggers.

Haki Edit

She can use both Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki.

Devil Fruit Edit

Gray has eaten the Namari Namari no Mi a logia type devil fruit. The fruit gives the consumer the ability to control, create, and become Lead in a liquid form. She mainly uses her devil fruit to create her daggers and cut her opponents to poison them. She has also been known to leave some lead in the drink of those she's been ordered to kill by her brother. She can make the lead in the corpse disperse after hey die and go back to her.

Weakness Edit

She has the standard devil fruit weakness.

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