Rift Pirates
Flag FanFic-page-001
Main Ship The Moon Goddess
Jolly Roger A yin yang based smiley
Base None
Captain Brizan Kerrun
Type Usually Peace Main but not afraid to use trickery to win.
Crew Population 3(growing)
Total Bounty Bsymbol6,600,000

The Rift Pirates are an infamous Pirate Crew from the South Blue that began to form just after the death of the "Great Pirate Whitebeard". Though currently unnamed, they are the winter themed crew of Age of the Four Seasons fanfic. The crew currently consists of three members: a nineteen year old man named Brizan with powers from a currently unknown fruit as well as a gun, sword and Winter Mantis Style Kung-fu. A twelve year old street urchin named Orrahn who can and will use everything he sees to his advantage.The final member is a stylish and collosal manta ray. fishman named Bert who practices the Omega Muay Thai he invented.


Crew StrengthEdit

The Rift Pirates is a surprisingly strong crew made up of several members who had earned bounties prior to or right as they joined the crew. This pattern of strong members may lead them to having the most well known individual members. The crew contains a trio of great strength that often shines above all the other members containing "Rift Maker" Brizan, "Wave Lord" Bert, and "No Hands" Jerry. "Wildcard" Orrahn also plays an equally huge role in the "trouble making" department.

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet Bounty
Brizan Kerrun Captain
  • Currently unknown fruit
  • Abstract Winter Mantis Kung Fu
  • Raptor Sword Style (cutlass)
  • Extremely cheap "Falcon" pistol shots
  • Decent navigating skills
Rift Maker

6,000,000 Belli

(From two years prior)

Orrahn Thief
  • Using everything as a weapon
  • Looking innocent
  • Agile
  • Cunning

600,000 Belli

(For unknown Reasons)

Bert Shipwright
  • Omega Muay Thai
  • Super Human Strength
  • Strong underwater
  • Great carptenting skills
Wave Lord 0 Belli
Jerry Cook ???? No Hands Captured
???? Doctor ???? ????
???? Sharpshooter ???? ????

Relationships Edit

Unlike most captains, Brizan had absolutely zero intentions of becoming a pirate, let alone a pirate captain. He just sailed the seas aimlessly and gained strength until he believed he was strong enough to go to the grand line and prove to Vice-Admiral Strawberry that his name was clean. Things, however, did not all go according to plan as Bert and Jerry also got government attention, forcing them to team up with Brizan to survive the harsh seas. Because of this bondage the three strongest and Orrahn make up a central quartet that shares a blond closer than the rest of the crew.

It also has become a favorite past time of the crew to torment the onion-scented, always happy, disgustingly ugly doctor. A running gag involved Brizan constantly trying various methods to abandon the doctor on an island or get rid of his onion smell. These attempts, however, never seem to work.


Locations Visited Edit

South BlueEdit

Rokushou Island

Babylon Island

Chinaboru Island

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