Rishū Rishū no Mi

Translation Red Tape Red Tape Fruit
Meaning Red Tape, Officialism
English Name Block Block Fruit
Type Paramecia
Power Allows the user to produce strands of red tape.
Eaten By Vice Admiral Bartleby
Story / Creator Nettlekid

The Rishū Rishū no Mi, literally meaning "red tape" in the figurative sense, is a Paramecia class Devil Fruit that allows the user to produce an apparently unlimited amount of literal red tape from their body, which they can then manipulate however they please. This fruit was eaten by Marine Vice Admiral Bartleby.


The Rishū Rishū no Mi was a medium-sized fruit not unlike a mango or papaya, dark green in color, with orange flesh. It was riddled with spirals in and out.


The Rishū Rishū no Mi allows the user to unravel long strands of thick tape from their body. It is easiest to produce these from the arms, because they seem to just rise up out of the skin, but they can be extended from any part of the body the user chooses. Once produced, the tape can be manipulated like a prehensile limb however the user chooses. The tape is very durable, and very resistant to blunt bashing attacks in an attempt to break it. In addition, one side is sticky, meaning that it can be used to trap an opponent's feet or just solidify the tightness if it is wrapped around them. As a Vice Admiral, Bartleby is very adept with his tape and can use the curling strands like extra hands, with enough control to wield a weapon or even write with them. He can adjust the stickiness of the tape, making it good for lifting things. He can even use it to climb up walls.


There are fairly few weaknesses to a simple, straightforward power like the Rishū Rishū no Mi. One weakness is that although the tape is very durable against blunt strikes, it can be sliced through with fairly little effort. Bartleby can counteract this to a degree though by reinforcing walls of tape, and eventually the sticky residue will dull a knife edge. Speaking of the stickiness, because it is a Devil Fruit power the sticky part of the tape is nullified with any sort of water. Even sweat or spit will loosen it. Another slight weakness is that although the length of the tape is unlimited, the maximum width is the same width as normal duct tape. He cannot create huge sheets out of his body, though he can stick many small sheets together. Apart from this, all standard Devil Fruit weaknesses apply.

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