Ruger Rona

070109160918 sonstige ninja male
Age 24
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O+
Birthdate 11/25
Height 6'11
Weight 185
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Silver Eye
Crew Vain Pirates
Position Second Mate


Family Unknown Father(Deceased)

Unknown Mother(Deceased)

Father McNally(Adoptive Father)

Bounty 45,000,000
Dream To learn all sword styles

Ruger is a swordsman for the new pirate crew the Vain Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Ruger has white hair and silver eyes. He has a lean, muscular body. He wears a light blue skin tight shirt underneath a with jacket. He also wears blue gloves and pants.

Personalility Edit

Ruger is a Fun loving man who loves to be around friends. But his is also the most serious person on his ship especially when they need it. Since he is the oldest he feels responsible for any hardship that they endure. He is also very protective of Vivian and would kill anyone who would make her cry.

Relationships Edit

Minister Dante Edit

Ruger and Dante are best friends. They grew up together and work well with each other. They often have sparring matches to see who is stronger. They are tied at 45-45. Ruger is the only person to call Dante by his last name Black.

Vivian Thomas Edit

He acts like her older brother. He is very protective of her and says he'll kill anyone who makes her cry. They grew up together and are very close.

William Reiner Edit

Ruger and William are close friends and grew up together. They often bicker about who is the better lookout.

Marion Thomas Edit

Ruger cares for Marion and often spends his time in her workshop. It is known around the ship that they are in a relationship but they think it's a secret.

Abilities Edit

Like Dante, Ruger is a swordsman. He takes swordsmanship more seriously and is much better at it. He can cut a building in half with easy. He can also cut through stone and steel with ease.

Ruger also has amazing eyesight and can see farther than most people can.

Weapons Edit

Ruger uses a Katana of great size with ease. His katana is strong enough to cut through a building without cracking. He also has seastone going done the middle of his blade.

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